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20 Best Anime Movies All The Time

Best Anime Movies | Unlike western animation movies, Japanese anime movies have the unique story line and for some people, more beautiful graphic. So, the movies give the audience more emotional feeling and more amusing experience.

There is a good point about anime movies, compared to the anime series: it’s movie! The story will be more compact, and you don’t have to wait for so long for the next episodes or seasons. Are you curious about what is the best anime that was ever made? Well, you need to check this list. Hope you are not surprised and have watched all the movies in this list. Here we go.

Best Anime Movies

20. 5 Centimeters Per Second

Best Anime Movies
Best Anime Movies | idntimes.com
  • Genre: Romance
  • Rating: 7.92

This movie is directed by Makoto Shinkai. With great graphic and a simple but touching plot line, 5 Centimeters Per Second has been one of the best anime movies that was ever made. The story tells about three young students, who are falling in love with each other. It’s told by each character’s point of view. Curious about the story? Why don’t you try to watch it with your bae? Prepare some tissues, because after the movie finished, you will be left sobbing. Because it is a story that anyone can relate.

19. Ponyo

(Image by Roger Ebert, link to https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/ponyo-2009)

  • Genre: Family, Fantasy
  • Rating: 7.83

Ponyo ponyo ponyo sakana no ko…

After watching the movie, may be you won’t be able to get rid of that song from your ear. Yeah, just like the other Studio Ghibli movies, Ponyo also has a theme song which is so easy listening, to a point that it will make you get an earworm. Ponyo is a fish girl, who falls in love with a human boy. She wants to be a human too. One day she is able to grow her legs! This movie combines the little mermaid-likd love story with a more magical plot and graphic.

18. Stand by Me Doraemon

(Image by Fams Movies, link to http://famsmovies.over-blog.com/2015/09/watch-stand-by-me-doraemon-full-movie-hd-1080p.html)

  • Genre: Family, Adventure, Comedy, Mecha
  • Rating: 8.12

What makes Stand by Me Doraemon the best anime movie all the time? The answer is it’s Doraemon! The story tells us about how Nobita meets Doraemon and how this cat robot has changed his life, in a good way. Actually there is nothing new in the plot, because every Doraemon fans already know about it all, but that is also the best thing about this movie. Because it is very nostalgic, heart-breaking, and will give you hope at the same time.

Considered as the last Doraemon movie and also the end of the series that were never accomplished, this movie will make you cry so hard. Beware, onion!

17. Summer Wars

(Image by https://aminoapps.com/c/anime/page/blog/summer-wars-movie-review/nktL_u8R70WbZr8oE5nxGLx664djoP)

  • Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
  • Rating: 8.21

If you like movies about virtual world genre, this movie is perfect for you. A 17 year-old highschooler named Kenji Koiso is invited to a summer trip with his crush. Of course he says yes. But then, he finds something strange about his crush. This movie was directed by Mamoru Hosoda, a director who never failed to amaze anime lovers with his works. So, prepare yourself to get amazed.

16. Kotonoha no Niwa

(Image by Amino Apps, link to https://aminoapps.com/c/anime/page/blog/garden-of-words-kotonoha-no-niwa/w4to_uBnP1YELlnRV66BkXaV5nj7zx)

  • Genre: Romance
  • Rating: 8.24

What if you fall in love with someone whom you meet while waiting for the rain to stop? That is what happen to our hero, Akizuki Takao. He falls in love to a beautiful girl, who likes to wait in an almost abandoned hut when it’s pouring. They share each other’s problems, and dreams. Until Takao finds a hidden truth about the girl. Are you curious why ghis anime is considered as the best anime movie ever? You need to watch it.

15. When Marnie Was There

(Image by Amino Apps, link to https://aminoapps.com/c/anime/page/blog/short-review-when-marnie-was-there/vqtn_uN6VE01r5n3v2wW6BJk1xM6Z1)

  • Genre: Family
  • Rating: 8.25

Anna, a troubled girl is sent to Hokkaido for a medical reason. There, she finds a mansion, where a beautiful yet mysterious girl named Marnie lives with her cruel maids. She seems to know her very well. Yet, Anna knows nothing about Marnie. As they become friends, many things happen and Anna has to find out a sad truth about Marnie.

Who is Marnie? And how does she knows everything about Anna? Once you find the answer, you will not stop crying.

14. Kiki’s Delivery Service

(Image by Goboiano, link to https://goboiano.com/kikis-delivery-service-couple-are-17-and-in-love-in-new-ad/)

  • Genre: Adventure, Family
  • Rating: 8.27

A little witch named Kiki has to leave her house with her talking cat, since she is now big enough to learn more about magic. This movie is a very good movie to watch with your family. After watching this, you will find out why this novel-adapted movie is considered as the best anime movie ever.

13. Whisper of the Heart

(Image by Ghibli Blog, link to http://ghiblicon.blogspot.com/2011/07/whisper-of-heart-blu-ray-here-are.html)

  • Genre: Coming of Age, Romance, Family
  • Rating: 8.29

Whisper of the Heart is a movie released by Studio Ghibli about two young teens who pursue their dreams. One wants to be a violin maker, while the another teen wants to find her dream. Just like the other Studio Ghibli movies, this movie is too good to watch only once.

12. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

(Image by Medium, link to https://medium.com/@ranna/and-the-girl-who-leapt-through-time-483700eea78f)

  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance
  • Rating: 8.33

Nobody doubts movies directed by Mamoru Hosoda. Including this anime movie. This anime movie tells about a girl named Makoto, who develops a strange skill to leap through the time. But everytime she does time leaping, she has to be ready for the consequence. Because timewaits for no one.

12. Castle in the Sky

(Image by Nerdist, link to https://nerdist.com/disney-theme-park-designer-dreams-up-a-castle-in-the-sky-ride/)

  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
  • Rating: 8.38

Prepare to get your excitement by watching this movie. Released in 1986, this movie never gets old to amuse anime lovers. That’s why it becomes one of the best anime that was ever made. Best story line, best graphic, best theme songs, anything you can expect from Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.

10. Nausicaä of Valley of the Wind

(Image by AWN, link to https://www.awn.com/news/giveaway-win-free-tickets-see-studio-ghiblis-nausica-valley-wind)

  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Action
  • Rating: 8.47

It’s not Hayao Miyazaki’s if he does not put concern about nature in his works. Including this anime. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind was made before Studio Ghibli existed. Watching this movie, you will believe in the power of the nature. Not only that, the best thing about Studio Ghibli is they never make their female leads weak.

9. My Neighbor Totoro

(Image by The Verge, link to https://www.theverge.com/2017/6/1/15725216/studio-ghibli-my-neighbor-totoro-theme-park-japan)

  • Genre: Fantasy, Family, Adventure
  • Rating: 8.48

Meet Mei and Satsuki, two siblings who have to move to a haunted house. But inspite of being scared, they feels so excited, because they like ghosts! One day, they meet a big raccoon ghost named Totoro and a cat bus. Since then, their life changes.

8. Hotarubi no Mori e

(Image by Nana One, link to https://nanaone.net/2014/11/peppermint-lizenziert-hotarubi-no-mori-e/)

  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy
  • Rating: 8.53

Hotaru is lost in the woods full of yokai, or Japanese spirits one summer day. A good yokai who always wears a mask named Gin helps her but he can’t touch her since it is forbidden for him to touch human being, otherwise he will disappear. Time goes by, and every summer holiday, Hotaru is always playing in the woods with Gin. She thinks she has fallen in love with him.

7. Grave of the Fireflies

(Image by Nerdist, link to https://nerdist.com/grave-of-the-fireflies-poster-depressing-surprise-studio-ghibli/)

  • Genre: War, Family
  • Rating: 8.55

This anime movie is considered as one of the best anime movie you do not want to watch twice. Adapted from a book by Nosaka Akiyuki, the story line and graphic are so good, to an extent that it is too painful to be watched. So, prepare your heart, because this movie will leave you sobbing.

6. Howl’s Moving Castle

(Image by The New Heroines, link to https://thenewheroines.wordpress.com/2017/04/18/sophie-in-howls-moving-castle/)

  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Adventure
  • Rating: 8.74

Meet Sophie, a hat maker who is cursed to be a very very old woman after meeting a sorcerer named Howl, because one of the witch who used to be his lover is jealous to her. Desperate, Sophie tries to find Howl and break the curse. Howl is a very childish and a womanizer. But, after Sophie finds out the truth about Howl, she tries to break not only her curse, but Howl’s curse as well.

5. Wolf Children Ame and Yuki

(Image by Medium, link to https://medium.com/@ochialexander47/a-mothers-struggle-in-the-wolf-children-95c86bed5e18)

  • Genre: Family, Fantasy, Coming of Age
  • Rating: 8.76

How does it feel to raise two wolf children? That is what our heroine, Hana, feels. After her werewolf husband dies, she has to struggle being a single mother, yet she does not have anyone to share her problem. Running out of money, she decided to move to a village, where she tries to do farming and balance her life raising her children. But, problems always come from her children.

This movie might be a fantasy movie and not so realistic, because no one actually has wolf children. But you can relate to this movie a lot. Since one day, every parent will have to let their children, to choose their own way of life.

4. Princess Mononoke

(Image by Film Linc, link to https://www.filmlinc.org/films/princess-mononoke/)

  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Action
  • Rating: 8.81

Being cursed after killing a cursed boar, Ashitaka has to leave his village to heal his curse. Then, he arrives in a village, after saving two men from drowning. There he sees a factory, operated by the villagers, by men and women. But, they have one enemy who always tries to kill their village leader, named Princess Mononoke, a beautiful girl who was raised by wolves and never declares her self as a human. So, can human and nature be friends?

3. Spirited Away

(Image by Mental Floss, link to http://mentalfloss.com/article/60237/15-fascinating-facts-about-spirited-away)

  • Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Coming of Age
  • Rating: 8.93

Probably the best anime movie from Studio Ghibli, Spirited Away has won many awards. A little girl named Chihiro and her parents are lost in a strange abandoned place. But strangely, they find an open restaurant. Starving from hunger, her mother and father soon eat the foods and intend to pay for the foods later. But because of their greediness, they are cursed into pigs! Terrified, Chihiro later finds out that they have entered spirit world and her parents have eaten foods for gods. Then, she meets Haku, a young boy who promises to help her.

2. A Silent Voice

(Image by Kincir, link to https://www.kincir.com/geeky/movie-tv-series/5-hal-yang-bikin-a-silent-voice-layak-menuai-pujian)

  • Genre: Romance, Teen Drama
  • Rating: 9.03

Shoya Ishida intends to commit suicide because of bullying. But then a mute girl who was once his classmate in elementary school changes his mind. Produced by Kyoto Animation, this movie has received many awards and is considered as one of the best anime movie in 2016. Great storyline, great graphic, you will be touched after watching this movie.

1. Kimi no Na wa

(Image by Deviant Art, link to https://www.deviantart.com/sishenfan/art/KIMI-NO-NA-WA-635146227)

  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy
  • Rating: 9.16

This is a movie that makes even the strongest boy sobbing. The story is about a young miko, named Mitsuha, who gains ability to switch her body with a boy named Taki Tachibana. Although they never meet each other before, she begins to develop special feeling to him. But, tragedy happens. Released in 2016, Kimi no Na wa is still considered as the best anime movie that was ever made. It holds the highest rating in My Anime List (link to https://myanimelist.net) and still becomes everyone’s favorite until now.

So, have you ever watched this anime? Because if you haven’t, it’s a must!

That was the list of 20 Best Anime Movie All the Time. Is there any movie you haven’t watched? Well, you need to put the tittle on your must-watch-anime list. Which movie is your favorite? Share it to us in the comment section. Don’t forget to tell us how you feel after watching the movie.

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