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Funny Facebook Status | Laughing is a key to get life happily. It has benefits for your emotional health beside physical. By that, if you want to get laugh, you must able to make other people laugh. The fact, it’s pretty easy to make laugh. All you need is funny Facebook status, nothing more.

By performing this simple action, you already shared some little happiness which has big impact on health. Funny Facebook status is easy to write. For example, you can write a daily joke in your surround into a status. So everyone can read it and laughing of loud.

Funny Facebook status is also a way to communicate with others. As you know, Facebook is social platform that connected one account to another. You don’t have to put an image along with your status, as long as your funny Facebook status is strong enough, it will remembered.

Funny Facebook Status Ever

Funny Facebook Status Ever
Funny Facebook Status Ever – Via

There are unlimited idea to make a funny Facebook status ever. It could be your personal experience, short story, or funny messages. If you want to get more like, you should try this. Funny Facebook status is not only represent your thought, but also entertain your follower.

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Don’t be sad even you lonely. The sun is always lonely, but keeps shining.

So you being engagement about five years. Do you take an installments?

What I really need is a good boyfriend, not a good ex.

I will make a promise I wouldn’t do it again. If I do it again, then I will make a promise again.

My girlfriend said I’m crazy. The weird things, she still likes me.

One day, I’ll make red onion begins to cry.

If someday I see you driving a fancy car, a just only can bow. Because I riding with chopper.

Your plan could be the best, but the balance that decided it.

Mentor and motivator are not able to make me work, but bill and instalments are.

I’m looking someone who very interesting for long time, then I feel tired. So I put it down the mirror.

My brain was like Bermuda’s triangle. Everything that come inside, never be found again.

Your ex wasn’t a hero that you must remember all time.

It doesn’t matter if you disagree with me. I can’t push you to be always right.

There are no stupid questions, instead of stupid people questioning anything.

I’m working hard because I realized that money don’t walk by itself into my pocket.

If the rain falls, I wouldn’t give you my jacket. If I’m sick, who else to take care of you.

God, if she is mine, please make us close. If she isn’t mine, please make a way.

I found one way to look tiny, hanging out with the fats.


Funny Facebook Status Updates

Funny Facebook Status Updates
Funny Facebook Status Updates – Via

Besides entertain everyone, funny Facebook status sometimes could be a representation about your feeling. For example, if you upset with someone else and don’t have heart to say it directly, try to write into funny Facebook status to tease them but in a calm way.

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If you not yet update about the rain, go get hurry before it subsided.

The poison from cobra was proven to be deadly. While your word is enough to killing me softly.

Boys: get rich, get naughty. Girls: get naughty, get rich.

Am I dating with kind of freezer? Then why she’s cold!

Someone’s girlfriend is our girlfriend too, because are also someone.

If I won a competition for laziness, I’ll send everyone else to take it for me.

Actually, giving love is not enough if you don’t balance it with giving money.

Don’t give up to your dreams, just keep sleep.

A picture tells us thousand words. After photoshoped, it tells thousand lies.

Never call me an ex, just call me alumnus. Who knows sometime we get a chance to do a reunion.

At the night, I can’t sleep. At the morning, I can’t wake up.

When your ex said, “You will never met someone like me again”. Just answer it, “That’s the point”.

I’m not anti-social, just more selective.

Don’t give too much code. Three times wrong, then you get blocked.

If you don’t want to sick, the key is only one. Be health.

Girls like an ice cream and chocolate, but more like to something sure.

Beautiful woman doesn’t guarantee your life will be happy, how about the ugliest one?

At the morning, bed and toilet are so attractive to take over our attention.


Funny Facebook Status Silly

Funny Facebook Status Silly
Funny Facebook Status Silly – Via

If you want to relieve from your stress, you may also write it down becomes funny Facebook status. It will ease your burden and attracts someone else who has the same problem. Besides to tease others, funny Facebook status could be a media to entertain each other.

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Being with you, my heart was broken, my wallet also.

If I’m sad, I used to be listen a music loudly. So no one hear I’m crying.

Never underestimate those who still single, perhaps you would say still single if you look at me.

You will feel love and miss if you lost your partner. So let them go if you wonder about it.

If I were I kids, I would like to take long nap, so everyone will proud of me.

Don’t think that you are ugly. Just think that you are pretty, like a monkey.

Try to use the lotion on your mouth instead on your hand, so you can speak softly.

I’m not lazy, just running safe battery mode.

If you are ugly, don’t be afraid to love someone else. The only one who should afraid is someone that you love.

Beauty is relative, photoshop is alternative.

My wallet was like a red onion. Open it, then I cry.

I wonder why my exes still alive. Though, once they told me that they can’t live without me.

If zombie comes to attack, you will be save. Because that they take is only a brain.

Better be laughed because isn’t yet married instead of being married but cannot laugh.

If you happy, I’m happy too. If you sad, I’m more than happy.

May I borrow your hug? I’ll give back it to you later.

Money can’t buy happiness, but having money can make you happy.

Rich people afraid for being poor, but poor people don’t afraid for being rich.


Funny Facebook Status Pranks

Funny Facebook Status Pranks
Funny Facebook Status Pranks – Via

Instead using Facebook as media to spread some hoax maybe, it’s better for you spread some funny Facebook status to each other. Obviously, sharing funny Facebook status is better than hoax. Facebook user tend to enjoy something that laughable rather than reading hard news.

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I just want you to know there is someone who cares about you. It wasn’t me, just someone.

No matter how strong a man, they still cry, if you strongly touch his eye.

Your love was just like a spark of fireworks, it’s only a while.

Give me a cup of coffee and separate it from the sugar, also, the couple who dating right there, can you separate it too?

When the hot comes I miss you, when rain comes I remember you. My maid, please take my laundry.

I love sarcasm. It’s like punching somebody’s face, but with some words.

It looks like everybody update about mother’s day. But when you get ordered by her, you just runaway.

The most awkward moment is when someone asking “any problem?”. Though, he is the problem.

The shortest horror story is Monday.

It wasn’t me who bad at love, just I’m who have too good skill for being single.

The easiest way to find missing stuff is by buying something new.

Don’t cry to your ex, unless she brings your money and your credit card.

My back wasn’t a voice mail. If you want to say something, just say it directly in front of me.

Being different is an option, but indifferent is a character.

Success comes from dream. That’s why I always sleep.

Is your name wifi? Because I always feel connect.

It’s tragic. A lonely person fell from the past and get drowned into memory.

Escaping doesn’t help you to solve the problem, except fatty problem.


Funny Facebook Status Hacks

Funny Facebook Status Hacks
Funny Facebook Status Hacks – Via

If you get bored with old school Facebook status, it’s time to make an unusual status. Funny Facebook status could be that way, though it easy to make. In fact, everyone who has Facebook account more likely able to make one. You don’t have to be smart, just take a time.

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Some said, smoking causing dead. But do you ever heard someone died while smoking?

Always looks charm anywhere. May I borrow your girlfriend?

It’s lucky you lost your girlfriend by someone else. I lost my girlfriend by my friend at Saturday night.

Fall in love at first sight, but fall in sick at the next sight.

It’s okay if you don’t like me. It’s true that everyone doesn’t have a good taste.

Being single? It’s okay. Rather than having a girlfriend but always get confused.

If you start to hate yourself, believe me you are not alone. There are so much people who feel the same, hate you too.

If someone mocking you that you are ugly, just say it “Sorry, I’m not a mirror”.

Don’t fooling yourself, because fooling you is a duty for someone else.

Never think what people said about a thing, because they say a thing without think.

I don’t know who win of Miss Universe this season. But I know, I miss you much.

Continuously remembering an ex is the best way to visit a hospital.

Some people are like a cloudy. Once it disappears, the atmosphere becomes brighten.

If someone hits you with a stone, pay it with flower, with the vas also.

Have in common it doesn’t mean you are soulmate. For example, using the same camera 360, once they meet, they shock each other seeing the real face.

Gravity doesn’t have responsibility to someone who fall in love.

No matter how delicious the food, it’s more delicious if you can get freely.

Beauty depends on its surrounded. How ugliest you are, but if you are at the zoo, then you are the beautiful one.


Funny Facebook Status Quotes

Funny Facebook Status Quotes
Funny Facebook Status Quotes – Via

You can attract other account through funny Facebook status easily. A simply funny words are enough to attract your friend and others, and how knows they willing to share your status to more broaden area. Don’t worry about it, you get a lot of references how to make the good one.

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Being a student, don’t be just straight. You are not ruler!

When love didn’t able to make girl stay with a boy, why love didn’t make a boy to stay with just a girl.

Never doubt to breaking any problem, unless there is a caution “breaking is buying”.

Your future depends on your dream. So just go and get some sleep, so you know your future is.

Best friend is talking to you, not talking about you.

Follow your heart, but don’t forget to use your brain too.

Maybe you need eat some makeup too, so can have natural inner beauty.

True friend never judge us. They will judge other person, along with me.

Once bank refused me. They said, I can’t open account in that bank, which are FB account.

Want to make money from Facebook. Go at the setting menu, click deactivation, then go to work.

There are two tragedies in this life, didn’t get what you want, or watching someone getting what you want.

I have to admit that knowing you makes me more religious. I much pray every time I remember you.

Some people think that ‘sorry’ is the best eraser.

Money doesn’t guarantee your happiness. But without money, your happiness wouldn’t be guaranteed.

Marriage is like workshop. Husband work, and wife shop!

I love you like fat child love to eat a cake.

No matter how hard the job, it will be easy if you do nothing.

It’s lucky that love is blind. Imagine if love is able to see, the ugliest people don’t have a chance at all.



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