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Some said that laughing is the best medicine, also it keeping your body stay health. In the meantime, laughing is also the best way to relieve you from any problem you might have. One easiest way to make such a laughing is through funny text messages.

This kinds of text are undeniable for everyone since contains humorous material. The only thing that could happened after reading funny text messages are laughing hard. This formula is applicable to everyone, it could be your friend, your lover, and even your parent.

Laughing is also a key to happiness and antiaging. Whose people don’t want to these two precious things? By doing happy laughing every day, it’s not only your emotional health that increased, but your physic too. So, why you don’t try to spread more happiness to the people who close to you?

Funny Text Messages to Send

Funny Text Messages for Girlfriend

Funny Text Messages for Girlfriend
Funny Text Messages for Girlfriend – Via

It’s a common thing for couple to have a fight in some period of relationship. If it happened to you, you may perform a simple way by giving funny text messages for her. It’s like a miracle, because it able to turn your girlfriend from glummy face into smiley one.

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Most referee only has two cards, which are yellow and red card. But I only have one, a card to access your heart.

Problems make us mature, so let’s make problem as much as possible.

You don’t need to bring an expensive bag which cost more than a car to look good.

Losing in a path could be harmful. But I didn’t mind it, because I found your heart.

Since I knew you, I couldn’t forget you at once. Every night you came to my dream and made me scream “devil, get out”.

Someone asking me about you. I said, from your fashion you just like 19 years old, your skin is like 18 years old, your smile is like 17 years old, your face is like 16 years old. So, based on all of these, you just 70 years old.

You are sweet, kind, funny, friendly, smart, simple, amazing, and like to help. That’s what my friend said about me.

Your life is just like a movie. Your laugh would be a comedy, your cry would be a drama, your fight would be an action, and when you standing in front of mirror would be a horror.

When the sun shines the warmth, just get wake up immediately. It’s a sign that you wake late honey.

There is a fact that you probably don’t know. The fact is you cannot touch your teeth with your tongue. After you read the fact, you probably practice it. Then you may smile with annoyed, and you may want to send this message to other or delete it immediately.


Funny Text Messages for Boyfriend

Funny Text Messages for Boyfriend
Funny Text Messages for Boyfriend – Via

Many said that mankind are full of anger, and only need one treatment to handle it, which is love. But in case this treatment wasn’t effective, just send him some funny text messages. It guarantees that slowly he will turn his face into happy one, then everything is going to be alright.

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You know what, you only need five minutes to get a shower, but you planned it for two hours.

Never change anything because you need somebody to love you, just wear the mask, no more.

I never dare to look at your eyes, because I’ll get trap to fall in love with you.

My love for you is just like a salt at the sea, you cannot see it, but always be there.

I have news, there are 10 monkeys that escaped from the zoo recently, the officer could catch only 9. After advanced search, it confirmed that the one is reading this news.

If someone said that you are ugly, just let it go. If they said you are stupid, let it go. But if someone said that you are handsome, punch them, because it’s slander.

After seeing a guy taking a bath, a monkey tells it to other monkey. “That guy is weird, having a short tail and it located at the front”. The other monkey laughing while reading a message.

I have thousand list to say good morning, form the ugliest, the moderate, and the good one. But I prefer the ugliest first.

If the employees demanded to get her wage raised, I on demanded you to be my future husband.

I heard that you are sprinter? Well, can you chase me till you get me?

When I’m sad, you are here. When I’m cry, you are here. When I’m in bad times, you are here too. I just realized, it is you who bring bad luck.

One day without sending a message is probably natural. Seven days without sending a message is not a good sign. Two weeks without sending a message is a sign that you perhaps forgot me. If one month without sending a message, I must visit you for condolence.


Funny Text Messages for Wife

Funny Text Messages for Wife
Funny Text Messages for Wife – Via

When you had your girlfriend stress about something, it’s your duty to make her much calm. Simply funny text messages will work for her, since many girls dreaming about having humorous boyfriend. You can try being that person by doing this, sending funny text messages.

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Do you know what beauty is? Well, beauty is relative, it depends on camera angle and light intensity.

Your heart is like bubble foam, soft but poignant in my eyes.

My knowledge about flowers are limited. May I ask, what’s the name of a flower if it has beauty like yours?

Fall and fail are common things for me, but fall in one heart is extraordinary and it only happen to you.

Oh god help me, protect me from the devil and someone who read this message.

Congratulation, you have a chance to win a necklace, bracelet, and ring. To confirm your size, please send me a piece of your neck, hand, and finger.

Steps to fall asleep: pray to get a beautiful dream, read state law to get protection from the country, drink a mosquito repellent to avoid mosquito bite. If your sleep was over, try to call a doctor immediately.

Just want to say goodbye, and I’m sorry for any mistake that I’ve done. Perhaps, when you read this message, I’m already left you. But don’t be dramatic, I only leave you to get some sleep.

Don’t just be silent. I knew a silent is like a gold, but speak is more like diamond.

Chicken sound: kruk kruk. Cat sound: meow. Goat sound: meek. Monkey sound: … why so silent, are you having sprue?


Funny Text Messages for Husband

Funny Text Messages for Husband
Funny Text Messages for Husband – Via

Nothing wrong to share any happiness to someone else, especially to your boyfriend. When you far away, for example, you may send it as a temporary replacement from your absence. It will make him happy of course, knowing you from far away but still gives the attention.

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I think you and street food have something in common, simple with high quality.

I didn’t need some motivational words from you, the word that really I need the most is ‘sale’.

You know what, since I knew you, I have new activity to do, which is learn. Learning to be the best for you.

I was wondering about how stay young, and I got this recipe: drink young coco, eat young leaf, and getting young husband.

At the day light I always wonder about you, at the cloudy afternoon I always remember you. When the rain finally falls, I just want to say, “go get the laundry in”.

I have difficulty to raise a goat because the grass is lack now, I want to raise chicken but the smell isn’t good, and I want to raise monkey but it kind of lazy because only reading a message.

Just got a call from the zoo, they said one pig was escaped. But it’s okay, don’t be worry, I wouldn’t tell everyone that you are there.

Just want to say something, never wish me coming to your dream again before you sleep. I’m kind of tired to come at your dream every night. There are still many people request me to come to their dreams.

If I feel hot, my body will release some sweat. If I feel miss, my mind will release the memory of you.

There are three kind of monkeys. First is obedient monkey that willing to read this message, second is vengeful monkey that want to reply this message, and third is stingy monkey that don’t want to reply this message.


Funny Text Messages for Mom and Dad

Funny Text Messages for Mom and Dad
Funny Text Messages for Mom and Dad – Via

Beyond everything, mom is the best female in the world. It’s a must to make her happy, since he spent anything at any cost to raise you up. In a simple way, you can send funny text messages every day to cheer her up. By that way, who knows you get something more.

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The best and easy way to make somebody remember us is, lending them some money.

For me, the money that you give to me is like an ex, just come and go.

Oh god, please forgive my dad about what he was doing, only reading my message without replying it.

Do you know the differences between you and other parent? Other parent work until sweaty, and you work until drink your sweat.

This message is set for tomorrow, you must read it tomorrow, just be patient. I said it’s for tomorrow, don’t be headstrong mom. But if you insist, actually I want to say good morning, but it’s likely good night.

Careful parent are fierce and impudent one, but lovely (if they don’t relapse). Have a good day mom.

Laughing was the best medicine that you can take. But if you laugh without any reason, you may need other medicine. Good day dad.

Tomorrow business, just think it tomorrow. If you think it right now, what you have to think tomorrow? It’s better to think what you want to eat right now mom.

Dad do you want to take a kind of brave test? It’s just take a look your ex picture beside mom.

Because it’s hatred to cigarette, a father determined to burn some cigarettes and smoke it.


Funny Text Messages for Friend

Funny Text Messages for Friend
Funny Text Messages for Friend – Via

For many people, friend is like local hero who willing to do anything without reward. Friend can help you to make every decision and always support in every way, it was like family. To keep your relation stay cool, try to be nice by giving some funny text messages.

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The truth is, somebody’s mate is our mate too, because we are also somebody.

Stupid people are likely easy to be happy, with their stupidity.

Are you feeling tired with your job? It’s still nothing compared with someone who job less.

Stop seeking for the perfect mate. Just try to look a person who has money, car, and home.

A new study found that crazy people always open their inbox with a thumb. Do you?

Look at the sky, then you will find that god is almighty. Look at the ocean, then you will find that god is great. Look at the mirror, then you will find a curse of god.

Put your hands up, and do what I say. For the pretty girl please go to the left, for the handsome boy please go the right, and for the ugly just stay in the middle. Hi you, don’t pretend to read a message, just go the middle!

If I were Tarzan, I have three wishes. First I want to take care of the woods, second I want to protect the animals, and third I want to hear what animal want. So just say it.

Friendship is like a pee at the pants. Everyone can see it, but only us that can feel the true warmth. Good day my friend.

Back at home from my school, I got a lot of tasks. I demanded the holiday will be repeated systematically, structured, and massively.

A group of devil come to me. I offer them you, because I knew you are a faithful person. But those devil scream loudly say, “Don’t him, he is my boss”.


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