Happy Anniversary Messages

Remembering special day mostly known as anniversary, which you already heard for once. Anniversary days usually referred to a day with has special moment, for examples are engagement day, wedding day, birthday, and others. Off course these kind of days are unforgetable.

The day when you met your mate in year before was memorable, and it properly to celebrate. But anniversary isn’t always about having romantic dinner with candlelight in the middle of table. Anniversary is the day when you and your partner have a chance to see what you both been through.

But the most important thing in anniversary is to show how big your empathy was. You can express it through any media that contains happy anniversary messages. It will be helpful, especially when have to fix something because you did something wrong in the past.

Happy Anniversary Messages for Friend

Happy Anniversary Messages for Friend
Happy Anniversary Messages for Friend – Via bracketsmackdown.com

There must be some good times, bad times, also the day when you have to struggle very hard. Anniversary is needed to get some introspection about yourself and your relation between. One clever way is through happy anniversary messages. All you need is to write it down.

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I feel come back to the time when I knew you for the first time. I courage myself to say hallo, and the rest was a story. Nice to know my friend, and happy anniversary for you.

You are my partner in everything. On this day, I hope you will get a pair of happiness and easiness in every path you desire for. Happy anniversary friend.

For the time that we’ve through, my life would never perfect without you by my side. To me you just like a puzzle who complete me, happy anniversary then.

Every problem that will come between us just another distraction, and I believe we could handle it together in the next our friendship anniversary.

Because of you, I felt life. Because of you, I felt joy. And because of you, I spent my days with happiness. Happy anniversary dear friend.

Happy anniversary to the one who always beside me at any time. I hope you always be happy and healthy.

I should say thank to you my friend for your acceptance and understanding my shortages. I believe we are perfect friend, so happy anniversary mate.

Friendship sometimes doesn’t logic and even make any sense, though it feels strong in our heart. Happy great anniversary my true friend.

You are more precious than a pack of gold or even the most expensive diamond in the world. Thanks for being my loyal friend and the best friend so far. Happy anniversary to you my dearest friend.


Happy Anniversary Messages for Couple

Happy Anniversary Messages for Couple
Happy Anniversary Messages for Couple – Via youtube.com

Try to give your happy anniversary message to your couple’s friend, who knows they can recommend you a partner. Especially if one of them is your best friend, giving happy anniversary messages are a must in order to maintain your relation and also to show your attitude as a friend.

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Happy anniversary my friend, hope you find a peaceful love till the end of the day with your couple.

Perhaps, the only one that able to give some happiness are your mate. So, happy anniversary and wish your relation will long lasting.

You are my breath. My day wouldn’t be perfect without you, because you are already completed my life. Hope we get a chance to have another anniversary.

I wish the first our anniversary we are getting mature in every aspect of life. I wish every problem that came will make us more engaged. Happy anniversary and happy to love you.

Your love makes my day become meaningful as never before. For that, I put your name on my pray every day. Happy anniversary for you.

We’ve been through these days, we’ve been passed these months, we’ve also been made it these years. We are at the beginning the third years now, so happy anniversary for us honey.

It’s been a year since we engaged each other. So it’s the time for me to say happy anniversary for you, and hope we can get more romantic.

Love comes because introduction, flourished because attention, and survived because loyalty. So, let’s get more from this anniversary day on.


Happy Anniversary Messages for Soulmate

Happy Anniversary Messages for Soulmate
Happy Anniversary Messages for Soulmate – Via pinterest.com

You are the only one who really knows about your soulmate. So, the happy anniversary messages that you want to make must be well designed. It should be special as ever, because it your soulmate. Even you don’t have any skill to make a good design, just your heart while you make it.

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On this day, about year ago, my life has been getting wonderful because you willing to be part of mine. Thank you for it for shining my heart with your light.

It’s like coming back to the past when I remembered the day we met. I gather my brave to make my soulmate. I also remembered when you accepted my love. I am hardly happy, and suddenly it’s been a year since that moment. Happy anniversary my dearest one.

Happy anniversary my sweet love, hope happiness always is in your heart, and hope I always in your heart.

If I able to pick the star, the only one who I will give it is you. If I able to take the world, the only one who I will give it is you. And if I able to be your soulmate, the only one who deserved to own it is you.

I remember clearly a piece of story that we made since a year ago, and I am thankful of it. I wish this story will never end no matter what the year is. Happy anniversary.

Happy anniversary my sweet heart, may happiness is always in your day. Happy anniversary my love, may long life is always with you. And happy anniversary my honey, may you always here with me.

This day is so meaningful for us, because in this day we enter the second year of our relationship. Happy anniversary for our engagement.

Though the way I love you is very ordinary, but I try to make my love becomes extraordinary. Happy anniversary for our love darling.


Happy Anniversary Messages for Wife

Happy Anniversary Messages for Wife
Happy Anniversary Messages for Wife – Via correymondello.com

Anniversary mostly performed by a couple to celebrate an important day. It is a celebration that holds every year in particular day, it could be the engagement or wedding day. Especially for wife, this kind of day has a special meaning. And to begin the celebration, happy anniversary messages is a good start.

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Thanks for filling my day and paint my heart with such a beautiful painting for this year. I hope our love getting wonderful according time, happy anniversary my sweety.

Happy anniversary my angel, hope your love only for me, hope your miss only to me, and hope my heart is always in your heart.

Too much happiness isn’t good, too much sorrow also. Just can’t realize how we were able to pass those kind of tasks in the last year. I hope it makes us more mature to welcome the future, so happy anniversary.

My days was emptied without your present, I felt weaken without your smile, and my soul was darken without your love. Now you make me sure at every steps that I will take, you gives me hope, and you colors me with rainbow. All I want to say in this anniversary day is that I will always love you.

Life will be wonderful if you feels peaceful, without hate in your heart, with love and never hurt, just like you and me my love. Happy anniversary.

Just knowing you that you are my wife, I am so glad for this life. I wish you will be on my side till the end of my life, and happy anniversary for you. Your husband.

My dear wife, thank you for being part of my life until this time. I’m glad to live my life with you for the rest of my days. Happy anniversary for you and our togetherness.

Though we were separated away, but in this anniversary day, I wish to the god to keeps you and our love more flourish in the future years. Happy anniversary my love.


Happy Anniversary Messages for Husband

Happy Anniversary Messages for Husband
Happy Anniversary Messages for Husband – Via youtube.com

You probably knew, all mankind are not good enough in the term of romantic things. Even some are, but mostly don’t. To deal with this situation, you may take a lead by doing something little. An example, by giving happy anniversary messages as a reminder about the romantic time at the past.

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It’s been a year our togetherness, I hope it will last until the next year and after will full of joy. Thank you for being here at these time.

Though I forgot about the day we met then sworn to be together as a lovers, but we’ve been through in any moment. I’m happy to be with you, and beside you I am live again. Happy anniversary my dear.

We’ve been together through day by day with sorrowness and happiness. Perhaps, that’s called love. Our relationship my still young, but I am willing to be with you till the rest of my life. Happy anniversary for us.

I like the sun because it enlighten me, I like the moon because it brighten the night, but I do really like you most because you makes my life happy at all days. Happy anniversary my love.

Sometimes we fight, then we good, then it happen again, but we always love each other until now. It’s been a year, and happy anniversary for it.

I send this for you to say that I love you. I wish I can tell this every day, and I want you to know it. At this special day, I just want to remind you that you are everything to me. Happy anniversary.

Being together with you in this marriage was a big blessing from the god, and I don’t want to waste it. This day we will celebrate our togetherness again, and happy anniversary.

If you accept my shortage, I believe our togetherness will make us completing each other. Happy anniversary for both of us.


Happy Anniversary Messages for Mom and Dad

Happy Anniversary Messages for Mom and Dad
Happy Anniversary Messages for Mom and Dad – Via righquotes4all.com

For parent, happy anniversary messages usually have simple form, a short text which contains some hopes and prays. If you have an idea to celebrate your parent anniversary, you may begin with happy anniversary messages before giving any additional give.

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There are sun and moon in the sky, also human and animal in the earth. But only you, mom and dad, who always been in my heart. Happy anniversary, and I hope your love will never end for me.

You both are the person who were given me a beautiful life, and I always be debt for it. Happy anniversary, and don’t get bored to give another wonderful life.

Happy anniversary for the best two people in my life. You both were in my heart and always give me a color that never diminish. Love you both.

Your warmth makes me love you, and there is no weakness that I can find. You both are the dream of every children in the world, and I am happy to have you. Happy anniversary my amazing parent.

There is only a sentence that I want to say to you both who very special in my life, happy anniversary for you my beloved parent.

Nothing is great in this world except your love. You make my day brighter, and having you as a parent makes me the luckiest children in this world. Happy anniversary to you dear mom and dad.

When you gave birth me, you both always taking care of me even you faced too much obstacles. I survive because of you. In this anniversary, I hope I can still be with you in the next anniversary.

What I feel right now is the happiness that never ended, I can only say thank you and happy anniversary for both of you mom and dad.

I just realize that you are a gift that god given to me. Thanks for being my parent in every occasion, and happy anniversary.


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