Happy Birthday Messages

Birthday is a special day for everyone, no matter how old they are. It’s not only make you a special person at that day, but in this moment you will get a chance to know better about people who really care about you. You can do this by opening your inbox to see who send happy birthday messages.

Some birthday cakes, surprises, and gift are the most exciting thing that could happen in birthday party. But for someone who is far from you, sending happy birthday messages are necessity. It could be from your friend, colleague, or your partner who don’t have a chance to attend your party.

Saying a happy birthday became a tradition since long time ago, and the content mostly talked about hope and pray. Especially in the digital era, sending birthday message seems like forgotten by many. Though it’s important to show your affection to each other.

Happy Birthday Messages for Friend

Happy Birthday Messages for Friend
Happy Birthday Messages for Friend – Via happybirthday360.com

Sending happy birthday messages will bound you emotionally in positive way. It will be benefit you since you can’t attend the birthday party for some reason, get out of town for example. By sending happy birthday messages, it will surprise your friend. Afterall, who are you without your friend in this world?

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The time has come, and you can’t run away from it. It’s time to add you more ages, so happy birthday for you.

Happy birthday for you buddy, hope our friendship will last forever until the grave.

With your age is added, your life time may lessen than before. But I hope it won’t lessen our friendship.

May god adds you more ages for the goodness of our friendship.

Time runs without break, moon and sun always be with you all the time and following your age that grows every day until now. Happy birthday fellas.

It’s been a long time since I knew you, in this day I wish you the best for everything. You have been my friend, and hope it will be till the end.

The birthday ritual being celebrated with the candle light which tells every happy story that you have been passed. Happy birthday for you.

With your ages right now, your life time is lessen than before. Try to remember what you’ve done and how many times that you wasted. Your breath in this morning is a blessing, so use it more wisely.

The true friend is someone who always there when you have bad time, just like you who always been here. Happy birthday my true friend.

Birthday only happens once a year, but it is good start to begin every big change, especially to be a mature person. So happy birthday to you.

Don’t celebrate your new ages, just celebrate certain year which you survived.


Happy Birthday Messages for Colleague

Happy Birthday Messages for Colleague
Happy Birthday Messages for Colleague – Via wishesmsg.com

As a form of good willing to your colleague that having birthday, it is a must to say any happy birthday messages. Sometime you feel confused what kind of gift that you want to give, but at the end you did nothing. So, sending happy birthday message is the elegant way to your colleague.

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Wish your day becomes much better and full of hope no matter how hard the challenge you may face, happy birthday my friend.

I believe now that future is really exist because you able are to pass another year in your life, happy birthday for you then.

With your birthday now, hope you long life, healthy, happy, and all your goal might achieved.

For my team mate, we have passed all the sorrow time at the work field, so the good time. At this beautiful day, the memory of your birth day comes again. So happy for you.

Yesterday is past time, so let it go every failure. Tomorrow is a future, so let’s take the success together.

The smallest thing will make perfect for everything, but perfection is not a small thing. Happy birthday by dear friend.

Who dare to tell that you are 30? That’s not true. You are just 18 years old, with 12 years of life experiences…

True partner can’t be separated by any problem. If it happened, just a matter of second. That’s we are.

If your goal and your wish are just a dream, in this new age I hope it becomes reality.

Age isn’t number only. Age is a sign of your experience and your struggle. Happy to gain it more in your birthday.

Happy birthday my team mate, your hope is my hope. So never stop about it and stay positive.

Just do something today where your future will thank you because of it. Happy birthday buddy.


Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend
Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend – Via webend.in

Saying happy birthday is a crucial thing to do if you want your relationship under control. You cannot just miss this kind of greeting, even you are the person who responsible to manage her birthday party. By doing this, your girlfriend will be impressed and you can gain more love from her.

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Perhaps, it was rainy at the day you were born. The truth it wasn’t. It was the sky that cried because of losing the little angel, you.

It is never be a money or even brand new car that make me happy. Only a simple thing, just when I am telling you it’s your birthday.

I am truly sorry if I became the last person who sent you happy birthday messages, because I want to be the last person who life with you.

Do you know the sign if someone likes you? He will remember your birthday. So happy birthday to you.

When you blows all the candle light in your birthday cake, all will extinguished. But there is one light that still shine, which is my love light.

God made the sun, the moon, the star, and so were you. That’s why I never forget your birthday.

Just like morning haze, which are fresh and cold. Just like you right know, which are reborn and warm. Happy birthday.

I just remember, on this day, one of the best women in the world was born. And I am so thankful to have her, happy birthday for you.

I do like your shiny eyes and the beauty of your smile, and hope I am still here beside you to see this moment in your next birthday.

Today you have passed another one year in your life, and I will do anything to make you impressed. Happy birthday my beautiful one.


Happy Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

Happy Birthday Messages for Boyfriend
Happy Birthday Messages for Boyfriend – Via preetkamal.com

It is a big mistake if you forget to say anything in your boyfriend’s birthday. He is someone who very special at this time, and he deserved the best treatment for you even with simple thing. Sending happy birthday messages could be the best way to show your love, and it easy to do.

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Time to face the true. What’s more you add than your love? Your ages. So happy birthday to you my sweetheart.

When I am with you, I can hear your heart beat as well. I remember the time that always ticking, then I remember today is a special time for you.

I enjoy the sorrow and the tears. By the tears, I can see you clearly. By the sorrow, I can understand how the feel when I am losing you. Happy birthday my sweet one.

Best thing that ever happened to me is you, and there is one thing I have to say in your birthday, may our love never ends.

Love and cry are always came and go, and your age adds more. So let me accompany you when your age add more again.

It doesn’t matter what I say, it’s more meaningful if I do something for you, saying happy birthday is an example. Whish the next birthday we still together my love.

I intent to sleep late this time just to wait your special day comes. Happy birthday honey, and wish you the best start when you wake up.

Don’t be sad because your age right now, be happy because you have an additional chance to do something beautiful for me. Happy birthday love.

Today is special day which will going so fast, so let’s enjoy every second by hugging each other.


Happy Birthday Messages for Wife

Happy Birthday Messages for Wife
Happy Birthday Messages for Wife – Via birth-day-tale.info

She is the heart of your family, and the only one person that you willing to die for. So it’s necessity to keep her happy by doing anything, especially in her birthday. You don’t want to miss it, and as a start, you may send happy birthday message before you give something more special.

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I breath from your exhale. So I wish you long life in this day and willing to share with me your breath.

Even at the moment we were separated away, in this precious day, I’ll pray to the god to keep you and your love.

Don’t stop to love me, that’s only what I ask in your birthday.

I can’t barely remember your ages right now, as I can’t remember how much my love for you.

My wish, I hope you will always smile every time, because everything gets better if you do it.

None of words are good except happy birthday, none of prays are good except wishing you happy and long life.

I don’t care anything today, whether rain or hot. My heart will always happy today, because it your birthday.

My life isn’t colorful without you here, thank for giving me happiness in my life. I wish your color more brightful from this day on, so happy birthday.

Aging is not only make you mature, but makes you growing up. Happy birthday wife.

If I had a chance to give anything in your birthday, I would give you love, laugh, peaceful heart, special dream, and long lasting happiness.

In this memorable day, I promise you that I will love again and again, no matter what has happened. Happy birthday my lovely wife.

I want you to celebrate and appreciate your life every year. That’s why god gives you birthday, so I can celebrate it alongside you.

Age is a matter of mind problem. If you don’t trouble it, then it won’t be problem for you honey. Happy celebrate new age for you.

May you have sweet and charming birthday as your smile as you give to me. Happy birthday my beauty.


Happy Birthday Messages for Husband

Happy Birthday Messages for Husband
Happy Birthday Messages for Husband – Via moabrodeway.com

He is your guardian, and to him you give everything that you have. In order to maintain your intimacy stay in good shape, especially in her birthday, you may give happy birthday message for the opening. It’s very simple, but it has big impact and sometime influences your relation.

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God gives you more ages and more health, it means I have more chances to love you. Happy birthday dear husband.

I am really happy today. With your age is growing added, I believe our love is also growing more.

Not every women is lucky as I am, having you in my life. But I am the one who is lucky, and may your day will brighter from this moment.

With your birthday, I will give you more happiness and love.

Before this day passed, allow me to grab your hand, looking your face, hug your warm body, while I speak slowly, happy birthday husband.

Once an angel came to me, asked me what I want. I ask, please take care someone who read this message. Happy birthday to you my lovely one.

Please take a look outside the window, the sun shines happily. It looks like for you, the best creature that ever came to me. Happy birthday my love.

In this day, many years ago, the world has given me an interesting for me, which is you. Happy birthday my lovely husband.

One time in a year, in your birthday, you get a chance to start something new. My wish, you will renew your love at the same time when you was born.

There are two special days in my life. The day when you born, and the day I found you. Happy birthday my love.

You are the sun for my day, and you are the moon for my night. Happy birthday my sweet husband.

Something even gets better when aged, and you are one of them. Happy birthday my man.


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