Love Message: A Romantic Way to Say Love

There are plenty ways to express love for someone who special in your heart, and the simplest way is through message. A love message can be a dramatic way to show your feeling to your beloved one. No matter how short it is, a love message has an important role to keep your relationship eternal.

Through this media, you are able to show your romantic side to your lover as a sign that you are bond to her or him. Love message becomes a little surprise to flourish your love. It will enlighten your day, and your partner will thank you for what you have done.

The best way that you can perform and give you an instant impact is through love message. The matter is, you don’t need to waste much time to make one. Love message is very impactful, and none of boyfriend will regret to have girl like you.

Love Message

Love Message for Boyfriend

Love Message for Boyfriend
Love Message for Boyfriend – Via

It is your future, and someone who will life beside you. For that reason, it is necessity to maintain your relation with your boyfriend remain well. By doing this simple thing, your boyfriend will more understand that your affection is beyond usual.

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I love you as usual as Juliet willing to die for her beloved Romeo.

Never say love to me, because I already knew that I love you.

Love could be awkward for someone who may never feel it, but I’d rather being awkward to say I love you.

Today I still love you. If tomorrow I forget it, please reminds me with your love.

God gives love to me, then I give my love to you. So please don’t give it to other.

If I become president, my first statement in cabinet court would be an announcement that I love you.

Be ready, today I will express my love for you. Please keep it secret before I express directly to you.

After everything that you give me, it feels wrong if I didn’t say much love for you.

If you feel sad, just talk to me. I wouldn’t dare to promise you that I might be able to make you laugh, but I promise to cry along with you.

Even the best inventor in the world is nothing to compare with me, because I can find you.

Inside the mind of wise man, there are always idea and solution. Inside the mind of professor, there are always theory and formula. But inside my mind, there is only you.

Only two reason why I wake up early in the morning, my alarm and you!


Love Message for Girlfriend

Love Message for Girlfriend
Love Message for Girlfriend – Via

To maintain a good relationship to your girlfriend, love message is something useful. You don’t need much effort to do it, because creating the best one is simply easy. Though, the effect you may get from this simple treatment is unbelieveable. Especially if you want to take your love to the next level.

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There is only a truth in this world, the truth that I don’t want to lose you.

A triangle has three end points, a rectangle has four end points, but a circle don’t have any end point. This how I love you, it never ends.

Two big question that I might never be able to answer are, why I am even life? And why you always in my heart?

First met, I terrify that I will fall in love with you. Another met, I terrify more that I will lose you. You are so terrify.

So, what is the different between you and the formula? The formula is hardly to remember, while you hardly to forget.

I almost didn’t feel anything when I meet you, but when you are not by my side, I always think about you. Can you tell me what happen to me?

I feel very comfortable when I am alone. But after you came, my comfortable is not the same if you are not by my side.

The only matter in this world is myself at first, now it’s you!

The thing I fear the most is falling in love, and it becomes true when I meet you.

Your beauty drives me crazy, only your smile the only medicine that I need.

I am afraid nothing in this world, except one. Afraid to lose you.

If you ask me, what the most important between your life or my life is? I will gladly answer, my life. Don’t be angry, because you are my life.


Love Message for Him

Love Message for Him
Love Message for Him – Via

No matter your status, keep in touch with him is the most important thing to do to secure your future. Maintain a good communication is something that you need the most, especially with love message. From this moment, your love will blossom just like sun flower in the autumn.

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The simplest word is I, the most beautiful word is love, and the most dearest is you. That’s why I love you.

Not every flower can’t be a love symbol, but rose can. Not everyone can’t be a boyfriend, but you can.

You may forget me, and you may ignore me. But when you see your shadow, it just like me who always be there for you.

For every night, star is the most beautiful things. For every flower, beetle is the special things. But for every of me, you are the most beautiful and the most special.

I write your name in the sky, but the cloud erases it. I write your name in the beach, but the wave erases it. So I write your name in my heart, and there is nothing to erase it.

When I see you, I am afraid to touch you. When I touch you, I am afraid to love you. And when I love you, I am afraid to lose you more.

Birds need a pair of wing to fly away perfectly, and I need you to live my life perfectly.

Now I am in the middle of people who I love much, but I feel something less. I try to look for in every corner, I suddenly know who he is. It is you!

If you ask me how many time you came to me, to be honest it was just one time. But you never to leave.

Sugar is sweet, honey too. But you are the sweetest one among everything.


Love Message for Her

Love Message for Him
Love Message for Her – Via

It is obvious that you need an effort and determination to defend your girlfriend from any unexpected possibility. While others using a pricey stuff that cost much, you may use a love message for the best outcome. Through this simplest way, your relationship will be long lasting.

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Seeing you is a destiny, being your friend is my choice. But fall in love with you is something beyond my capability.

I only need three seconds to say I love you, three minutes to explain it, and three hours to show it. But to prove it, I will give you my life time.

Even the god ask me, why you love her? My answer, I could not find a reason not to love her.

I love you more, and if you hate me, just stab me. But not in my heart, because you are there.

My love for you is far from happy ending, because what I offer you is love without ending.

You may close your eyes once you sad, and you may close your eyes when it comes the time to sleep, but never close your heart for me even once.

Everyone can hear what you want to say, but I can hear what you didn’t want to say, because I am part of your soul.

If I able to be part of your body, I want to be your tear, which is born from your eyes, life in your cheek, and die in your lip.

I might not be able to handle all your problems, but I promise to face it together with you.

They said time heals everything. The problem is the time stop ticking without you here.

A candle my replace a lamp, and a slipper may replace a shoes. But you know what, nothing can replace you.

Sun shines the day, and moon shines the night. But earth is the most important for me, because in here I found you.


Love Message for Husband

Love Message for Husband
Love Message for Husband – Via

In a simple term, husband is just like a guardian for you and your family. So it is your duty to maintain the same level of love that you built since you both met. Sending a love message is the easiest thing to do, and it will keep your family away from any distraction that might be come.

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Never promise the moon and the star for me, just promise me you will be with me under the moon.

You jump, I jump. No, I will not. It’s better for me to go down first and get ready to catch you.

Trying to forget you is the same as hard as remembering someone who I never knew.

If you break my heart into pieces one day, I will still love you with my heart’s piece.

I realize that I am far from being perfect, unless you perfects me with your love.

Please, come closer and listen my heart bit. It just like some morse code that spell your name.

When I love you, I get a power. When I get your love, I get strength. You are my Superman who makes me feel like Wonderwoman.

I need your help. About what? About key? What key is? A key to happiness.

Do you want to the secret to make a perfect dream? Just have me in your dream.

It only needs four things to get in love: me, you, we, and love.

I deeply in love with you. It feels like I have a power to postpone my time to die when we are together, but without you I will die every time.

Did you know why I never able to get rid you of my mind? Because you already settled there.

Between your finger, there are empty space. So there are still room for me to put my finger between.

Don’t be dramatic. I only love you little, little bit over.


Love Message for Wife

Love Message for Wife
Love Message for Wife – Via

It’s your soulmate, and perhaps the mother of your children. In a simple definition, a wife is everything in the world. Beside the family, a husband has an obligation to take care his wife. An example of the easiest thing to do is sending a love message for everyday to express your love.

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You are nothing as pearl, still your shine is more than ordinary pearl.

I can still find you in the crowd with closed eyes and ears. That’s because I search you with my heart.

It’s not your face that makes me surrender, even your smile can’t make me give up. But your love is the only thing that can defeat me.

My colleague ask me, what can I see from you? My answer is simple, nothing! Why? If I tell them the truth, I am sure they will love you too.

I will stop loving you when the sun rises from the west, the sun doesn’t spark anymore, and when the ocean dries. It seems like not. Even those are happen, I will remain love you.

If there is an angel who get lost in this world, I am sure it was you.

May I take your picture? Just want to show to my friend that an angel is truly existed.

Do you want to know how close we are? It just like day and night.

Your sleep is a sign that today will over soon, but when you wake up make sure that our love is not over.

I am sorry, but you need to get arrested because you steal my heart.

Sometime I feel runs out of word, runs out of energy, runs out of idea, just to get your attention. But I never run out of love for you.

I realize, loving you is the same as giving my kryptonite to destroy me, but I believe you wouldn’t use it.

Thinking of you, I get a problem to sleep. The reason is, this life is much beautiful than any dream.

I was wondering why people get into fight about love. Now I know when I remember your love, I always ready for world war III.

You know what, a banana tree only has one chance to bear a fruit for entire life. It’s just the same as my love for you that only one for entire life.


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