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Losing someone is the hardest moment for everyone, and most people agree with. It’s a stage of life that everyone will experience at any time, though it cannot be predicted. But everything has created in a pair, life and death, good and bad, also of course getting and losing.

As a social creature, human are demanded to show some sympathy as part of condolences. It could be any way. If you don’t have any time to show it directly, you may give sympathy card messages for someone who suffer from losing. At least, it can represent your feeling.

Losing will teach you to appreciate the important of meeting. Though many people said losing is the beginning of another meeting. But it doesn’t simple like that. The sadness of losing is irreplaceable with anything or anyone, even you are promised with something new and better.

Sympathy Card Messages for Flower

Sympathy Card Messages for Flower
Sympathy Card Messages for Flower – Via

A common tradition to show a condolence is through a flower with a piece of paper on it that contains messages. You may write down what you feel, which you may sorry for the loss. Sympathy card messages still the popular way, and you may try it for sometimes.

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Life is the rarest things in the world, but everyone live inside it. Don’t be sad, your family will life happily at there.

Because every hurt will relieve by itself, through a time and surrender to the god. I wish you alright, and my big condolence for you.

Accepting the reality is far better than the truth. Just accept this reality, and you have my sympathy.

It requires a strong person to pass these situation, and I believe you are one of them. Sorry for your loss.

If you didn’t start your struggle from this moment, then you will be nothing in the future. Keep your soul stay strong, let them go, and sorry for your loss.

There is no proper word to say in separation, because you wouldn’t. But it’s happened, and you must let it go and the wind blow.

Actually, the sadness of separation is nothing compared with happiness of meeting that might come again. Especially new meeting after separation. Do not lose your hope my friend.

Losing someone is hard, but you have to try hard to conquer it. I believe you can do this. I give you may sympathy for it.

Be patient my friend, I knew this is the hardest time for you. Losing someone indeed makes you down, but you have to let them go, so they will feel peaceful at there.

Everyone has their own way to live a life, and this is one of it. Loss and death will always surrounded us, just be patient when all of these comes to us. Your beloved friend.


Sympathy Card Messages for Coworker

Sympathy Card Messages for Coworker
Sympathy Card Messages for Coworker – Via

Your coworker are your key to get a better positions, and sometimes they influence you to be a success of fail. For their role, you have social duty if one of your coworker had suffer from losing. You may the first person to support them by giving sympathy card messages.

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Time is a kind of privilege that you can’t turn back, what happened to your family, just let it go.

Every accident has their own way out. Be patient and keep try the best to find a proper way out. Big sorry for you partner.

I believe this is one of your task to make you grow more mature. You don’t need to blame any else, and take the future as real person. I’m sorry for your family.

Life is too short to spend with sorrow, love people who care about you, forgive people who hurt you, and let it go if they leave you. I’ll be here to help you, and my big condolence.

When everything didn’t go well as you want, it means there are something that needs to be fixed. Never blame other people, and you have my sympathy.

At the end of every story, there will be new a story, so with separation. Keep your head stay strong buddy.

Never try to forget the memory that you’ve made, even you know that you are going to separate. Take a time to remember it all, but soon you have to move on.

Facing the bitterness of reality is better than stay for nothing while thinking the sweet thing in your imagination. Do the best so you get better.

I don’t have to say much, I just feel sorry and I will cry for your loss. You are good person, and I know you can handle this situation as good.


Sympathy Card Messages for Friend

Sympathy Card Messages for Friend
Sympathy Card Messages for Friend – Via

By sending sympathy card messages to your friend, it will help them to ease the load so they can think positively from this event. You probably don’t have the heart to say directly because their loss, so using sympathy card messages is the proper way that you can take.

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Life is a series of lesson that everyone will experience it to get full understanding about what has happened. I’m sorry for you.

Trouble and temptation are something that makes you more strong and patient. Just try to do something positive, and sorry for you.

Sometimes testament comes to make us understand what the meaning of being patient. So, be patient and big sorry for your loss.

World is not perfect as we thought, some come and they go. Don’t cry for them who leave you, it’s new beginning for something new. Be strong person.

You might loss something good, but I believe you will get something more than good. Don’t be afraid of change, and I’m sympathy for it.

Meeting simply begins with kindness, and when it comes the time to separate, ended it with some good memory that proper to remember.

Separation teaching you to appreciate that every second being with someone who you love is a gift, and you must not waste it. Don’t forget your memory, then take a step forward.

Being strong is not about how long you can hold your tear from fall, it is something about stay steady when you loss someone who you love. You get my sympathy my dear friend.

What’s go be gone. The things that we can do are giving them an honor and pray. Don’t be sad of it.


Sympathy Card Messages for Condolence

Sympathy Card Messages for Condolence
Sympathy Card Messages for Condolence – Via

Having condolence proves you that you are social being. No matter who they are, as a social creature you must involve in any way. You can begin with sympathy card messages to show your condolence, and if you have a free time, why you don’t try come by to say it directly.

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Troubles and difficulties are a things that makes our life become interesting and unique. Just be patient about it, you’ll find the way soon.

Only the wise person who can make their life become meaningful for other. So sorry for your big loss.

Testament is the god’s way to make a person become stronger and patient. Stay strong my friend, I believe everything is going well soon.

Sometimes losing is a hidden blessing, a moment where we can get a lesson and to inspire someone else to act. Be strong.

Success is only for people who have spirit in the bad time. I’m sure you will be one of them, stay positive in your way.

Losing will teach you how important someone after they passed. You can’t deny it, make a peaceful is the best way to deal.

The true champion is the one who never stop trying something in the middle of sorrow, and I believe you could be the one. Keep your struggle.

No matter where you are, no matter who you are, the matter is who you are today.

All of this are god’s plan, we have to accept their new journey with firmness and strength. Don’t forget to be strong as always.


Sympathy Card Messages for Loss of Mother

Sympathy Card Messages for Loss of Mother
Sympathy Card Messages for Loss of Mother – Via

She is a source of every life on earth. Just imagine if this such bad event is happened to you, the loss is incomparable. Once it happened to your friend, coworker, and someone else, you must show your sorry. By giving sympathy card messages, you have done the best as a person.

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There are two things to make this life more live. First, just pretend that there is no miracle at all. Second, just think everything that exist is miracle, and your mother is one of them. I’m sorry for your loss.

The main purpose in this life is to find something that you really love. Your mother told me about it, and I’m proud to know her. My apologize.

You can’t surrender or run from this grief, face it all with brave. I’m here with you to help you through this hard time, my big condolence.

Never surrender in this life just because of this, find another reasons and use it as a way of life. You are the son of your mother, be proud of it.

Separation, how sweet it is, stills a separation. There will be a story from this point that turned into a memory. Keep your memory alive, because it will make you more life.

Everything is going to change, even you don’t want to. Everything is going to separate, even you deny it. Everything is also going to end, even you are not yet ready. Keep struggle no matter what happen next.

Losing is not something that you can bewail, but it must be something that makes you stronger than ever. My condolence for your mother.

Death is not the end of life, but it’s the beginning of new life. Wipe your tears, and don’t cry on it. My condolence.

I cry for you my friend, I feel loss as yours. You were not loss your mother, you just can’t see that she always here with you.


Sympathy Card Messages for Loss of Father

Sympathy Card Messages for Loss of Father
Sympathy Card Messages for Loss of Father – Via

While mother is a source of life, father is also have the same rule. It’s never easy to say anything to anyone after losing their beloved father. Through a letter, sympathy card messages for example, you have a chance to arrange the word better, so your feeling truly delivered.

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Unrealized purpose isn’t a tragedy of life. Tragedy is when someone have purpose to pursue. I admired your father because what he pursued. Sorry about your loss.

Most people life by being other people. Their mind contain other mind, and they also copied other life. But your father was a different person, and I’m happy to have a friend from this amazing guy. My condolence for you.

Be patient in this life, because it steep to be a mature. You are the chief of your family now, never let him down. I’m very sorry about your loss.

You cannot change this loss, but this is the turning point to change yourself into something new without your father. Make him proud, then you have my sympathy.

Separation is something hard to accept for everyone, but it’s an effect from encounter. You have my sympathy, and you must believe you can through this.

Losing someone must be hard, and it’s normal to everyone. But be sure there is always god’s plan for you without your father. My apologize for you.

Life is a choice. If you choose to move on, then you are happy person. If you choose to stick with it, then you are not good enough to be the son of your father. I believe you will take the option one.

Your tears aren’t able to wake someone up from their dead eternal sleep. Be strong my friend, and take the lesson that everything wasn’t immortal. Live your life with bravery that sometimes we might get the same fate.

Good gives you a grief as a reminder, so you will remember that we are not life forever. Everything has an end, so give a pray for your father. I feel sorry to hear this.


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