Wedding Card Messages

When someone who close to you get married, you may experience uncertain things. At this moment, you must have something to say as an expression of happiness. Maybe you don’t have a chance to say anything to the bride and groom because they get busy time.

Well, you may try other way, instead of waiting for the couple have a free time. For example, you can write down your thought through wedding card messages, then attach it alongside the gift. By doing this, it’s obvious that your message will be well delivered and straight to the target.

Giving wedding card messages are important, especially for people who close to you. It could be your brother, sister, friend, or even your ex. Through wedding card messages, you can show your support for what they achieved. It doesn’t have to eye catching, the matter is what you write.

Wedding Card Messages for Friend

Wedding Card Messages for Friend
Wedding Card Messages for Friend – Via

You might be happy and sometimes jealous about your friend who getting married. Of course you will feel something loss, because you don’t have close friend anymore. Despite the fact that you will be alone again, giving wedding card messages could be a reminder your togetherness.

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I will make a promise I wouldn’t do it again. If I do it again, then I will make a promise again.

Finally you won’t be alone again, all you need will be fulfilled, and you will have a friend at every time. I’ll be in the next room in case you need anything, just be happy my friend.

To my dearest friend, now you are a different person than before. You have another role starts at this time, and be well of it. May the happiness always be with you both.

Marriage is privilege that not everyone can afford, but you did my friend. Always proud of you, and don’t forget to always happy.

And you never feel alive if you never willing to take a risk for having marriage. Be brave and be strong in your new chapter.

Marriage is a positive feeling and exciting that everyone must feel it, and you do it right now. So, be positive and always exciting till the rest my friend.

When you finally gets into wedding day, it means you already found the secret of life. And now, you are going to open another secrets. So proud of you my big friend.

Marriage will make you the best person than before, but true marriage will make you becomes yourself. From your dearest friend.

Marriage is a goal from every love, so take care what you both already achieved. Hope you will be lovely husband and wife, and congratulations for you both.

Getting married was your dream, and I knew you happy. Congratulations my dear fellas, hope your marriage will eternal.


Wedding Card Messages for Ex

Wedding Card Messages for Ex
Wedding Card Messages for Ex – Via

No matter how hard you try to forget your ex, the memories always be there. The best way is try to face directly but gently. You may come to the wedding day, but wedding car message is quite enough for someone who ever hurt you. It’s like giving back the memory without any left.

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Congratulations on your marriage. From this day on, you will have another person to care. Wish you luck with your new family.

Wishing all the goodness in your new family, finally you have someone to rely on. Never let them disappointed, and hope your family will long lasting.

Life always changes, universe always moves, reality always formed, and now you are married. Glad to hear you for having a new commitment.

Marriage is about keeping what you love, and love is about keeping what you get. Wishing both of you life in happiness.

The happiness of marriage is not on how much a gift which you got, but it’s in your heart. Be sure to open your heart, and wish the best for you.

Marriage creates harmony that united in a single form. That’s when the happiness born. Hope you do that for happy life.

Marriage is an easy thing to do, and all you need is simple thing to make it happen. Be happy in your new life, and forget the past.

Once, we dated together, got lost together, and gone nowhere together. But you go first in marriage, and I just can say, hope you always together.

From a sheet of yarn, becomes a cloth. That’s married should be. Wishing you will be together all the time. Your ex.

Love is unconditionally. Was, you were just the innocent one, and you are ready to be a wife, or even mother. Congratulations my ex, may happiness always be with you.


Wedding Card Messages for Couple

Wedding Card Messages for Couple
Wedding Card Messages for Couple – Via

Marriage is a precious moment for most people, because it opens new stage of life which far different from before. At this time, you may want to show your happiness for the couple at the wedding day. Don’t get confused with it, just give them wedding card messages for the beginning.

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The fate finally united you both, to be always side by side in any occasion. Light up your little family with love and passion, and wish you good luck in the rest of your day.

Congratulations to both of you, now you have new path to life on. May god gives you prosperity and long life forever.

Marriage is about to balance. If you just see it from the happiness, then you are mad. If you just see it from the suffering, then you are sick. Keep the balance to keep your family.

The main purpose of life is finding the loved one, then having them under marriage. That’s what your day more meaningful. Happy for you both.

The luckiest people in the world are them who can enjoy their marriage and give meaning on it. I believe both of you can do that.

Marriage is a hope from everyone who attended the ceremony, so you must not disappointed. I believe both of you can do that, and wish the best for you.

Being two is better than one, but you have make sure you always be two no matter what will happen. Proud of you both.

Today both of you were bounded into a union, and you were officially having each other. Be life with love, and congratulations for you all.

Your happiness is already complete, you found the real happiness, you already found your side-bone. Just it keep it tightly, I’m joy to see you both happy.

This is the new beginning for both of you. Wishing this marriage will bring much blessing for you till the end. Happy wedding for both of you.


Wedding Card Messages for Parent

Wedding Card Messages for Parent
Wedding Card Messages for Parent – Via

No matter what has happened, they are still your parent. So when they got divorced and decided to have new life by marrying someone else, you still have a duty as a kids. You probably don’t have anything to give, at least you can give wedding card messages to express your feeling.

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Wishing the best for your new life, you are still the best parent that I ever had. Happy to start a new family, and never forget your old family.

Marriage is one of the rarest things in the world, you have it again. So you are also on if it. Be happy with your new chapter, and I always proud of you.

Tragedy is when you surrender in your life after you fail once, but you make it through. You just amazing parent for me. Hoping the best in your life.

The only to find the true happiness is by marrying the one who you love the most, and make sure you never hurt them. Happy welcoming another chapter in your love.

Only for the people who have a good heart, the beauty and the secret of happy marriage will opened. Big love from your beloved children.

I want you to know, I have a thousand hopes of you at this wedding day. I wish you will life happily with your new partner. From your children, with hope.

Congratulations for your marriage, I hope both of you take care each other and protect one to another. From your beloved son and daughter.

Enjoy your marriage with big love and passion, I wish you will life happily and far from any suffer. Big love from your child.

And now the god answered your wish. Keep your love with your honest, and I believe you will make a good family again. Congratulations then.


Wedding Card Messages for Sister

Wedding Card Messages for Sister
Wedding Card Messages for Sister – Via

You grown up together since a kids, and then she was taken by another man with fancy wedding ceremony. You may jealous for no reason, but you also happy as well. The best way to describe your feeling is through wedding card messages, since they didn’t have a time to listen you properly.

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You wed finally, I’m happy for you though I loss the closest friend in this home. I don’t want to say much, just life happily and don’t forget to bring my nephew.

Wishing all the best in your new life my lovely sister, hope you will be an angel for your beloved husband. Kiss and hug for you.

Marriage was like a series of lesson of life, you have to feel it yourself to understand it. Be happy at your wedding, I’ll always love sister.

Happiness is having love and care from someone who important under marriage. Wishing the best for your new stage of life.

Your beauty isn’t on how good your face under the scarf at your wedding day, but it’s on how good you handle your marriage. Just don’t forget to be a good wife.

I’ll pray every day for your goodness in your marriage, and I thought my pray was answered. Good to know that you will be married, I hope you will happy as a kid.

Wishing for you to be a person who can complete each other, and the best husband and wife that I know. I’m happy for you sister.

I congratulate both of you who officially tied under the marriage. Never hurt each other and life your live with joyful.

I hope you will be amazing wife for your husband, and wonderful mother for your children. Wishing you always love each other, and happy to get into another steps of life.


Wedding Card Messages for Brother

Wedding Card Messages for Brother
Wedding Card Messages for Brother – Via

It’s always nice having a brother in your family, because he can act like a bodyguard for you and your family. But since he will be taken by other girl at the wedding day, you may feel sad and having something to say. Well you can try it through wedding card messages.

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To my dearest brother, be always happy. Don’t forget to be a good husband and lovely father to my future nephew. Wishing you all the best for the rest of your life.

Congratulation brother, now you have your own family. Be patient on it, be a good husband, and be a lovely dad for my future nephew. Wish you luck in every way.

The most important in marriage isn’t how good your wedding ceremony, but how good you handle your wedding. Happy for your new chapter brother.

Marriage will be happy if you willing to make it happy, just don’t forget to do this for the rest of your day. Congratulations for your wedding.

It’s not the physical beauty that makes your marriage survive, but it’s your beautiful heart that makes you long lasting. Happy at your new life brother.

A boy will be a man if they change status from single to married, and maybe from brother to father. I’m glad you finally get in this stage. With love and hug.

Congratulations for your married brother, wish me luck too. From your beloved little brother.

Wishing your marriage full of joy and passion, since you two becomes one, never distracted by other person. Just don’t forget your family, especially me, the little one.

It’s true happiness to get a chance seeing you in wedding day with your lovely bride. I hope this is the beginning of your perfect love. My pray for you brother.


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