Block B Members Profile, Age, Birthdays, UPDATED!


Block B Members | This time you’ll meet the most controversial Korean boy group so far, Block B.  This group was formed by Stardom Management, under its producer Cho PD. It has seven members: Zico, Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, Park Kyung, P.O, and U-Kwon. They had their first debut in 2011 …

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Bigbang Members Profile, Full Biography Updated!

Bigbang members

Bigbang Members | Let there be the kings of K-pop, and look: Bigbang. K-pop wouldn’t be like so phenomenal like now if Bigbang doesn’t exist. This group was formed in 2006 under the management of YG Entertainment. The members are G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri. Their various music genres, …

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Winner Members, Full Biography Profile UPDATE!

Fans of K-pop won’t forget Winner in their Korean boy groups’ catalogue. Winner was formed in 2013. The group came under YG Entertainment. The members are ‘survivals’ of a TV survival program, WIN: Who is Next. It has 5 original members which consist of Yoon, Jinu, Hoony, Mino, and Taehyun. …

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2PM Members Profile, Age, Birth Date UPDATED!

2PM Members | 2PM is a boyband which formed by JYP after the conclusion of the survival reality show called Hot Blood Men which consisting of 14 men at the stake to debut as a boyband. The group is formed with 7 members before Jay Park decides to leave before …

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SHINee Members Profile, Full Biography Updated!

shine members

SHINee is a Kpop band-group which managed by SM Entertainment, and debuted at Korea in 2008. They made its first debut with five members consisting of:  Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Key, and Minho. These members stay intact up to 2017. However, as in December that year, Honghyun passed away. Even though many …

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JBJ Members Profile, Age, Height and Birth Date UPDATE!

JBJ members

JBJ Members | JBJ (Hangul: 제이비제이) was a South Korean project boy group consisting of six members whose participate on Produce 101 but failed to make into the Final debut lineup. Their formation was pushed by some of Produce 101’s fans who feel they deserve the second chance to be …

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Highlight Members Profile, Full Biography UPDATED!


Highlight Members | Highlight or formerly known as BEAST is a boy band group which consisted of five member whose having a history of being rejected or failed to debut from another agency. Most of Highlight members were spending their trainee days with JYP Entertainment, but ultimately transferred to Cube …

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VAV Members Profile, Full Biography UPDATED!

VAV Members

VAV Members | VAV or abbreviated as Very Awesome Voice is the k-pop boy band group under A Team Entertainment, which is consisted of seven members. Their member’s each name are St.Van, Baron, ACE, Ayno, Jacob, Lou, and Ziu. Their first debuted on October 31, 2015, whilst still with their …

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VIXX Members Profile, Full Biography UPDATED!

VIXX Members

VIXX Members | Now it’s time for VIXX. This Korean boy group is just fantastic. They offer fresh performance and, of course, fresher looks for the young fans of K-pop all over the world. This group come under the management of Jellyfish Entertainment. VIXX 6 members are just too cool …

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Infinite Members Profile, Full Biography UPDATED!

infinite member

Infinite Members | Infinite is the first boy band group that formed by Woolim Entertainment at 2010 which is consisted of six member ( previously it has seven member) . Each of the Member named Sungkyu as the leader, Woohyun, L , Sungjeong, and Sungjeong. Their first mini album was …

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