30 Minecraft Building Ideas for Different Settings

Minecraft allows you to create, build, and manage your own building or architecture, which leads to various Minecraft building ideas in various biomes (setting or surrounding). The decision to build your own building or architecture depends on you – whether you want to create a futuristic construction or a traditional hut. So, which one is your favorite design or idea?

Aesthetic Minecraft Building

Minecraft Building Ideas
Minecraft Building Ideas

Futuristic construction is one of the most popular Minecraft building ideas that allow you to set up any construction anyhow you want it – no matter how odd or strange it may seem. In this picture, for instance, the building has a pleasant aesthetic and somewhat artistic appeal too. The shape is definitely not the traditionally boxy one and the addition of glass walls make it look not only futuristic but also modern one. Having some bright colors (with neutral accents) will add the appeal.

Cyber Texture Egg Building

Another unique idea to build a construction is the egg building. Of course, you have a big and giant oval egg construction that delivers minimal effect and yet catchy and somewhat stand out among the others. In this image, the egg construction comes in two colors in basic and neutral hues to retain the classic and timeless appeal. This can be a good inspiration if you want to build something simple and yet functional.

Minimalist Minecraft Building Ideas

A minimalist design can incorporate lego-like or brick-like construction that will make the building stand out from afar. In this picture, there are only 3 colors being used – red, silver, and dark gray. The inclusion of red adds a nice appeal and balance to the overall hue, so the building doesn’t look plain or boring. The brick-like construction is also nice because it creates a modern look and yet still retaining the minimalist design.

Mini City Building for Minecraft

Are you looking forward to building a mini-city of your own? If you are, then this mini-city construction can be a good inspiration for Minecraft building ideas. Don’t forget that you should include several important establishments and public popular spots. You will have to build several buildings for this matter, but if you are into building so much, then it won’t be a problem.

Elegant Minecraft Building

An elegant building is basically like the regular buildings on the city. It is a tall and elegant skyscraper building with many windows, solid construction, and neutral color. You can choose the one with traditional boxy construction (flat roof design) or the one with unique roof design. Basically, an elegant building is like the one you can see on the picture. Feel free to add a glass element to create a modern look.

Metro Building for Minecraft

Metro building is basically almost the same as the regular elegant building. However, there is a sense of modernity to the construction because everything seems sophisticated, futuristic, and advanced – as you can see from the following picture. Feel free to design such as metro building for your structure. Use your imagination and creativity – and it also goes for the color. Don’t just use basic colors – they can be boring quite fast.

Minecraft Twins Building

Remember the twin tower of Petronas? You can use such an inspiration to create your own Minecraft building. Just keep in mind that you need to create such an identical and mirror-like construction when you have this twin building. But twin building is also one of the most popular Minecraft building ideas that you can implement to your design. Feel free to construct any design and any shape that you like. You don’t necessarily have to focus on Petronas building – it is only an idea and an inspiration.

Simple and Minimalist Building Ideas

There is something special about the minimalist and simple construction – even in the Minecraft world. Minimalistic design means that you use clean design without involving something intricate or complicated. Boxy or square design is usually quite popular. And then include basic colors. You can include one bold color, but only one! The others should be basic or neutral. Just use simple and basic construction for the entire building and you will see how attractive it becomes.

Elegant and Simple Minecraft Building

In this picture, you can see an elegant and also simple building. However, the overall structure doesn’t feel cheap or lousy. In fact, it looks classy and timeless. The construction is simple with a sense of modernity to the design. And the fact that it comes with glass walls add the atmosphere of being modern and sophisticated. The option of soft purple (not white!) is also elegant and stylish.

Artistic Minecraft Building

Do you feel like you can build an artistic construction? The picture below is an example of such a construction. The building is far from being regular or ordinary because the shape and the overall construction is truly unique. The combination of square forms and rounded corners is amazingly good and the building isn’t covered entirely by enclosed walls. With various open sections, the building looks good and artistic – and you can combine it with different elements too.

Futuristic Skyscraper Building

The futuristic design may look like the regular building design but the futuristic Minecraft building ideas brings the design to a whole new different level. The building isn’t only tall but super tall with unique designs (sloping height, rocket-like form, etc). Such a design often includes glass elements to the design so the overall construction has a touch of modernity to it. The design is often inspired from robotic design, so you should consider it.

Store Building for Minecraft

A building for the store is different from a building for office or apartment. When you build a store building, you need to include a marketing appeal to it – something catchy that makes people go ‘wow’ and then be attracted to enter the building. You can create layers on the exterior side, so it looks aesthetically appealing and amazing. It basically depends on you about how to create the building, but make sure that it is interesting – not plain or blah.

Modern Minecraft Building

A modern building doesn’t have any specific definition, really. Basically, the structure and the construction are odd – not the regular rectangular or boxy look. In this picture, for instance, the shape is similar to a rocket launch. You are basically free to come up with any design that you want. You are also free to choose any material that you want.

Unique Minecraft Building Ideas

A unique constructed building can really turn attention your way. As you can see from the picture, the building has a main construction that may look ‘normal’. But then there is another connecting building with geometrically odd shaped design that makes everything look different and one-of-a-kind. Feel free to construct your building in any design or structure that you want.

Fantastic Building for Minecraft Design

If you have to compare the two buildings on the picture, there is an immediate difference between them. The one of the right is looking ‘normal’ with the regular and traditional structure while the one of the left has a completely unique and grandeur design. You can also create a fantastic design to your building, creating odd shapes or lines that may ‘cut’ the usual design of the construction. Don’t be afraid to explore further to any design or shape that you want.

Minecraft Red Building

A red building can make your construction look different. Sure, you can have the traditional and regular construction, but when you are able to pair it up with the right color, the impact can be wonderful! In this picture, the red is like a terracotta so it is a bit of a reddish brown. But if you want to choose bold or bright red, be my guest! After all, there are so many different shades of red that you can explore and choose.

Minecraft Brick Building Ideas

Looking for simple but functional Minecraft building ideas? This following picture can be a great inspiration. It looks like your regular apartment complex made from concrete and bricks. After all, brick can deliver good childhood memories and a touch of traditional atmosphere. For the building, you can build one completely from bricks entirely or you can have some parts constructed from bricks. Don’t forget to include a green complex or garden to accompany the building.

Simple Store Building

The simple store building is like the building from your childhood – remember when you roamed the neighborhood and visit one of those stores to buy ice creams or candies? If you are into the old-school and traditional design, you can build one. The following picture is an example of such a design. The brick building has a storefront (or several storefronts) on the lower level with its own shade and display windows.

Minecraft Black Building

Constructing your building in black can make it look different – and definitely stand out among the others. Whether you build a single building or several buildings at once, the black hue will create a different flair and look. If you decide to make several buildings in black at once, the effect can be dramatic – and even strong. In this picture, those buildings are connected to each other. A nice and unique concept, don’t you think?

Amazing Design Building for Minecraft

One key to make your design stand out is to include amazing elements that are out of ordinary. You can add patterns or designs on the exterior parts of the building. In this picture, for example, the foundation for the building is regular but the black building structure is unique and extraordinary. You can also include unique patterns for the building’s exterior sides.

BMW Design Minecraft Building

This is one design that is done by a person who is a fan of the brand. With dominant color ofblue and the logo of the company, you can come up with the most unique building consrtuction and design. You can construct the building mimicking thedesign of a gear or a wheel or anything you like. Make sure to incorporate any design that you like the most for this one-of-a-kind Minecraft building ideas you like.

Minecraft Mod Building

MOD building is unique in its own way. It looks like a whole construction but with some missing pieces or parts. You can come up with any design that you like – just make sure that the foundation is solid and firm.

Metro City Building

Metro city building is another Minecraft building ideas that you can implement to create a modern look. The most common one is like the picture below – it has its own waterfront with buildings within a straight line. There are different building constructions and shapes that make up the metro setting. Don’t forget to include one or two buildings with very unique shapes or designs.

Amazing Skyscraper for Minecraft

When you design a skyscraper building, don’t forget to make it tall and impressive. Skyscraper is generally constructed in a tall construction – enabling it to touch the sky. Be sure to stay creative when designing and constructing your building. Build different buildings with different designs so you can see how amazing they are.

Big City with Amazing Building

If you want to build a city with amazing view, do the same like the ones you do on the previous section. Make sure to build different designs of buildings in different heights and styles. You will be amazed on how good the result is.

Skyscraper Building for Minecraft Design

You can also build a skyscraper building with its various shape and form. The common one is a tall and straight skyscraper construction but what’s the fun in that? If you see the picture, you will see a grandeur and huge building construction with unique sloping design and solid foundation structure. This is a good Minecraft building ideas to try.

Minecraft Futuristic Building

If you see this picture, you see a futuristic building design – like the ones you see on movies. Such a design generally incorporate tall pillars with a dome-like or a sphere-like construction connect to it –whether on the top or on the middle of the pillar. Choose silver and blue to achieve a futuristic vibe without you having to overdo the whole design.

Another Cyber Texture Egg Building for Minecraft

Whereas we have talked about an egg texture building, here is another one with the unique egg shape. But in the previous section, it was a whole and a complete egg shape, while this one is more like a half egg design. This is actually an interesting idea because you can include other colors as the accents so the entire construction won’t be boring or plain.

Pagoda Building for Minecraft Design

People may not be thinking of a pagoda for their Minecraft building ideas but it isn’t a bad idea, after all. You can combine the ancient and old design of a pagoda and combine it with a modern flair of an establishment. Like you can see in this picture, the pagoda building is tall and solid, creating its own unique flair that feels more down-to-earth when compared to the futuristic building next to it.

Old Fashioned Building

What if you are more interested in old-fashioned and even ancient building construction? Who says you can choose it for your building construction? You can build any structure that you want – an old castle, a protective fort, a tall tower (like the one in The Lord of the Rings movie), and so much more. Your style may be different from the others when it comes to building, but it can be a great idea, actually.

Those are some ideas and inspirations for different kinds of building constructions. Just choose the Minecraft building ideas that you want for your own design.

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