Minecraft House Ideas for Different Settings and Conditions

Building and constructing a house is also possible when you are playing Minecraft –especially if you have several creative and different Minecraft house ideas to implement to your decor.

Of course, the ideas are endless and you basically have your own preference when it comes to creating your own style (and design).

It’s a good thing that there are several examples and inspirations that you can implement to your ‘Minecraft world’. Hopefully, these different ideas can help you in constructing your design.

Minecraft House

Rural Design for Minecraft House Ideas

Rural Design for Minecraft House Ideas

Just because you are designing a rural house, it doesn’t mean that you should go with a regular, ordinary, or traditional styling. A rural house can be classy and simple, as viewed from the picture. Stone enclosure acts like a surrounding fence that looks classy with the dark and basic color. The stone construction of the house makes it look solid and sturdy. To make this design look different from the regular rural house, the roof structure is made a little bit different with the twin roof points.

Big House of Rural Concept

If you want to incorporate a rural concept but within a bigger structure of a house, then this one can be an inspiration. In this Minecraft house ideas, the house is big and wide (although the shape is regular and boxy). With three levels and sturdy supporting pillars, the rural house looks big. To reduce the bland or plain effect, you can add colors to the surrounding setting – such as white fence, green color construction, and such thing alike.

Pinky Interior for Minecraft House

Building a girly or feminine house is also possible. With two levels construction and a pretty simple design, this house is pretty. The patio is located on the lower level as well as the upper level (on the balcony). The combination of mainly white and pink colors makes the house girly and somewhat cute. With vast yard and tall trees surrounding the property, it looks cool and peaceful – not to mention also beautiful.

Farmhouse Minecraft Ideas

A farmhouse doesn’t have to be traditional and old-school. This one, for example, has a combination of modern and traditional look. The traditional element is visible from the wooden parts but the whole construction has a modern feel to it. The solid stone base, the elevated and layered construction, and the combination of different colors and materials have the modern feel to it. This is one good looking farmhouse and a combined traditional-modern style is one among the popular Minecraft house ideas.

Loft House with Rural Design

A loft house can create a homey and comfortable atmosphere. With the main construction made from wood, the overall rural effect is strong and enhanced. The dark wooden hue is classic and timeless, creating a natural elegance to the house. When you can combine the house with green surroundings (tall trees, colorful flowers, and barn-like structure), you can have yourself a solid and beautiful loft house without compromising the functionality.

Minecraft House in Island

An island house can be an ideal pick when you want to live peacefully in a remote island. As you can see from this picture, you don’t necessarily have to build the house construction all over the island. Leave some parts and areas for the greeneries. A beach house with several levels construction looks great for this setting. The combination of several materials and different colors also makes this house look catchy and stylish – even from afar.

Amazing House with Tennis Court and Swimming Pool

This mansion look-alike house looks big and dominant in this setting. It looks somewhat classy and traditional with the dark color and regular construction shape. A paved path between the house and the main gate is created – complete with the water fountain in the middle. To complete the look and the wide yard, a swimming pool on one side and a tennis court on the other somewhat creates a balance – divided by the paved path.

Modern House in Metro City

This is basically a regular modern house that is often found in a metro city. The house is big with bright color and the roof is coming in a darker hue. With two levels design, a wide yard in front and the side, and also spacious driveway, the house looks modern and exclusive at the same time. This can be your inspiration when you want to create a city house.

Modern Minecraft House

A modern house with three levels arrangement is straightly delivered in this design. With pillars as the main structure, it looks sturdy. And then the combination of glass and bricks for the wall conveys such a nice design structure to the design. With layered flat platforms for the roof and the exterior stairways (and also inside-outside swimming pool on the second floor), everything looks catchy and good looking.

Elegant Minecraft House Ideas

This is an elegant and modern house with unique design and construction. The two-tones construction on the wall and the roof deliver the minimalistic effect. A various different shapes within a single construction deliver the modern feel. It is a simple and elegant construction – but the design is quite complex in its own way. But the actual result is a dynamic and harmonious construction.

Simple Cabin House

A simple cabin can look stylish and good despite the simplicity. In this house, the combination of the wooden and stones elements makes the house look good. With a two level construction and a small verandah on the second level, this house look somewhat traditional and serene in its own way. Choose neutral colors only to create a natural effect.

House in the middle of The Ocean

In Minecraft, you can set up a house anywhere, including in the middle of the ocean. Just be sure that you have created a solid and strong support for the house – mostly made from stones, marbles, or concrete and then you can set up the house on top of it. Whether the house is having a traditional look or a modern vibe, make sure that the foundation is solid and tough.

Big House with Green Garden

The house is big with mansion-like construction. Such a house construction usually has wings and different leveled areas. The combination of different colors from the ground to the roof is also interesting. What makes such as design more interesting is the big garden and the many trees. With so many shady trees, the garden looks filled and it definitely looks green.

Modern House with Swimming Pool

In most house construction, a modern construction is often accompanied with a swimming pool. In this house, the L-shape design is interesting. The main building is used for living while the extended part is used for entertainment (a spot for sunbathing, a place for relaxing, etc) and the swimming pool is located in the middle section.

Modern Mini House with Pool

What if you want to build a modern house with pool? This is another alternative, where the pool is bigger than the overall construction of the house. The structure of the house seems compact (although it comes in two levels design) and the addition of a big pool among the greeneries are just appealing. It’s like an oasis right in the urban setting!

Pyramid House for Minecraft Design

Want to try something completely different? A pyramid design is super cool – although you can implement an open design, like the one shown on the picture. In this pyramid construction, everything is made from silver and glass. Despite the ancient shape, there is a sense of modernity and futuristic to the design. You don’t have to add anything glamorous anymore. A water section as a part of the garden decor is enough because this whole design is already one of the best Minecraft house ideas.

Rural House in Mini City

You can also create a cozy rural house design like this one. With two level designs, the house looks serene and traditional. The combination of dark and light colors on the wall, pillars, and roof is also catchy to create a nice color blend. Green accents on the wall and the wooden accents are also appealing to create a harmonious result. Whether you want to add plants or flowers on the yard or not, feel free to manage it.

Tosca House for Minecraft

You can make a colorful house – the design will look amazing if you can combine good construction design with an interesting hue. In this house, the design alone is big and tall – it looks like a private hotel with its tall structure. The Tosca element can be seen from the roof and the canopies, making this building stand out even from afar. Having a bold color is one important element of Minecraft house ideas.

Wooden Cabin House

A wooden and cabin house doesn’t have to be plain or boring. If you take a look at this picture, the house has a regular rectangular shape but with a unique twist for the roof. With elevated and layered roof and also a porch on second level, this house is far from being regular or common. The usage of dark color as the dominant color makes it classic without compromising the traditional feel.

Minimalist and Simple House

A simple and minimalistic house is another popular Minecraft house ideas that most people like. With fences surrounding the property, a wide yard, and a regular structure of a house, this construction has the entire traditional and regular look to it. The open and accessible driveway is also nice to accommodate the entire look. A two level building is a regular design for houses in this style.

Minecraft Big House Design

If you want to construct a big house building, this one can be an example. The L-shape design creates a different wing to the house – and you can still extend the design to other areas if you want to. With white house, silver roof, solid pillars on the main way, and glass areas, this house looks big, luxurious, and extravagant. Such a design is perfect for city or rural setting.

Modern House with Greenhouse of Plants

What about having your own green house right in your house? This design is the example that everything is possible, including having your own green house built and constructed into your home. The dark main structure looks solid and elegant, and it is actually a good main element that would look contrast to the colorful flowers being kept inside the green house. Quite a unique Minecraft house ideas, isn’t it?

Modern House in the middle of the Jungle

If you think that you can’t build a modern house in the middle of a jungle, think again. This is an example that such an exclusive and luxurious house (made from wood and brick) can be built in the middle of the jungle. In fact, the jungle provides a nice natural enclosure – with the natural green and a body of water next to the house. You can also build a two level house like this one.

Urban Minecraft House

This is a regular urban house with a regular construction – in two levels system. The building has a solid one structure with the main entrance is connected with a path made from stones. The driveway is enough to accommodate two cars while the yard is spacious and big. Feel free to add flower beds, colorful flowers, and also one or two trees to avoid a plain or boring effect.

Ultimate Wooden House

This is called the ultimate wooden house because everything is constructed from wood. After all, wood is a popular material for most Minecraft house ideas. It’s a stage house, built on a platform with pillars. The stairways are constructed to connect the ground with the house. It’s interesting how the main construction can be extended to another part and also brought upward to the second level. To avoid boredom, use different colors for the wood.

Farmhouse Design for Minecraft

In this farmhouse design, the house is constructed within the farming properties and land. There is a dark enclosure to define the property. The house is constructed with solid stone foundation and an elegant tall house on top of it. It looks simple and yet elegant and classy. The fact that the house is located next to garden patches and irrigation system is interesting. The farms can be placed on the other side of the house.

Modern and Luxurious Minecraft House

A modern and luxurious house can also be constructed and designed like this picture. As you can see, there are actually two main buildings that are connected with a lower construction. A garden with water accent is created on one side while a swimming pool is created on the other side. And both water constructions are next to an edge of the ocean. The houses look simple with minimalistic shape and design that deliver modern effect.

Villa House Design for Minecraft

You can create a villa house within a single construction base. In this construction, you can have one solid platform or an L-shape house with different wings. As you can see from the picture, there is one tower construction that looks tall and solid – connecting the main house with other parts. This villa is one of Minecraft house ideas to try for your own creation.

Brick House for Minecraft

A brick house can be luxurious and somewhat glamorous when it is designed in another level. This can be an interesting inspiration for such a construction – with the majority of red bricks as the main construction and the addition of marble pillars to make it solid. The house comes in two levels and the combination of bricks, stones, and marbles is just nice for the entire housing structure.

Colorful Housing Estate

Although these houses have the same uniformed construction and look, they are different from one another because of the color. The construction is fairly simple with only one upright structure with a flower box to define that there is a second level to the construction. And the fact that each house is painted with a different color (along with the different color for the roof) is a nice simple addition to make each house different.

As you can see, the inspirations for many house designs are limitless. Just choose one theme that you like from these Minecraft house ideas.


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