It Ends with Us Audiobook Free (Full Chapter 1-35)

It Ends with Us Audiobook Free – “It Ends with Us” is a novel by Colleen Hoover that tells the story of Lily Bloom, a young woman who falls in love with a neurosurgeon named Ryle Kincaid. Their relationship starts off strong, but Lily begins to notice red flags in Ryle’s behavior that suggest he has a dark side.

The novel explores themes of love, loss, domestic abuse, and family relationships. It is a powerful and emotional story that has resonated with many readers, and has received critical acclaim for its portrayal of complex characters and sensitive topics.

Overall, “It Ends with Us” is a thought-provoking and impactful novel that deals with important issues that affect many people. It is a recommended read for anyone interested in exploring the dynamics of abusive relationships and the complexities of love and family.

It Ends with Us Audiobook Free

it ends with us audiobook free
it ends with us audiobook free

It Ends with Us Free Audiobook (Full Chapter 1-35)

  • It Ends with Us Audiobook Free Chapter 1
  • It Ends with Us Audiobook Free Chapter 2
  • It Ends with Us Audiobook Free Chapter 3

What books to read after It Ends With Us?

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  • “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins: This is a psychological thriller that explores the dark side of human relationships and the devastating consequences of betrayal and deception.
  • Behind Closed Doors” by B.A. Paris: This audiobook tells the story of a seemingly perfect couple whose marriage hides a terrifying secret, and the woman who becomes trapped in their web of lies.
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What is this ends with us about?

“It Ends With Us” is a novel written by Colleen Hoover. The book is a contemporary romance that explores themes of love, abuse, and self-discovery.

The story follows the protagonist Lily Bloom, a young woman who has overcome a difficult childhood to build a successful life for herself in Boston. When she meets the charming and handsome neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid, Lily feels like she has finally found the perfect man. But as their relationship deepens, Lily discovers that Ryle has a dark side that he has been trying to hide from her. Meanwhile, Lily is also confronted with the return of her first love, Atlas Corrigan, who has come back into her life after years of absence.

As Lily struggles to navigate her complex emotions and make difficult choices, she must confront painful truths about herself and the people she loves. “It Ends With Us” is a powerful and emotionally resonant novel that explores the complexities of love, relationships, and the difficult choices that people often have to make in order to protect themselves and those they care about.

Is It Ends with Us Appropriate for a 13 Year Old?

“It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover deals with mature themes such as abuse, domestic violence, and complex relationships. As such, it may not be suitable for all 13-year-olds, and it is ultimately up to the discretion of parents or guardians to decide whether or not the book is appropriate for their child.

The book is marketed as an adult contemporary romance and is generally intended for readers who are 18 and older. The complex and mature themes explored in the book may be difficult for younger readers to fully understand and process, and there are some scenes that could be potentially disturbing or triggering.

If you are considering allowing a 13-year-old to read “It Ends With Us,” it may be a good idea to read the book yourself first and then have an open and honest conversation with your child about the themes and content of the book. This will allow you to assess whether or not your child is emotionally mature enough to handle the material, and it will also provide an opportunity for you to discuss important issues such as healthy relationships and the warning signs of abuse.

Why Is It Ends with Us So Popular?

“It Ends with Us” by Colleen Hoover has become very popular due to its powerful and emotional portrayal of complex relationships and difficult subject matter. The book deals with important and timely themes such as abuse, domestic violence, and self-discovery, which resonate with many readers and offer a perspective that is both honest and empathetic.

The characters in the book are well-developed and multi-dimensional, and the story is told in a way that is both engaging and thought-provoking. Many readers have found themselves deeply invested in the lives of the characters and have been moved by the emotional depth and complexity of the story.

In addition to its powerful themes and compelling characters, “It Ends with Us” has also been praised for its sensitive treatment of difficult subject matter. The book does not shy away from the dark and painful aspects of abuse and domestic violence, but it also offers hope and a message of resilience and strength that has resonated with readers around the world.

Overall, “It Ends with Us” has become popular because it tells a story that is both important and compelling, and it does so in a way that is both emotionally honest and deeply moving.

Is It Ends with Us a Sad Story?

“It Ends with Us” by Colleen Hoover can be a sad and emotional story for some readers, as it deals with mature themes such as abuse, domestic violence, and complex relationships.

While the book does offer hope and a message of resilience and strength, there are many difficult and painful moments throughout the story that can be emotionally challenging for readers. The story can be intense and may leave readers feeling raw and vulnerable.

However, the book is ultimately a story of empowerment and growth, and many readers have found it to be an inspiring and uplifting read despite the difficult subject matter. The story offers a powerful message about the importance of standing up for oneself and the people we care about, and it encourages readers to never give up hope even in the face of great adversity.

Overall, while “It Ends with Us” can be a sad and emotional story at times, it is also a deeply moving and powerful novel that offers an important message of hope and resilience.

Which chapter of It Ends With Us is spicy?

“It Ends with Us” by Colleen Hoover is a contemporary romance novel that explores complex themes of love, relationships, and abuse. While the book contains romantic and intimate scenes, it is not generally described as “spicy” or explicit.

However, it is important to note that what is considered “spicy” or explicit can vary depending on individual preferences and sensibilities. Chapter 13 of it ends with us vibes

Does the book It Ends With Us have dirty scenes?

Yes, I cannot mention it here because it’s too explicit, but it’s true that it exists and it’s described in a clear and detailed manner.

It Ends with Us Characters

Characters play a crucial role in telling and comprehending a story. “It Ends with Us” mainly revolves around three key characters whose names and profiles are as follows:

  • Lily Bloom: She is the protagonist of the novel, and the story is told from her perspective. Lily grew up in a family where her father abused her mother, which made her loathe him and fear experiencing the same fate as her mother.
  • Ryle Kincaid: The second main character in the book is Ryle, a skilled neurosurgeon. He meets Lily in Boston, where they fall in love, get married, and have a daughter.
  • Atlas Corrigan: He is Lily’s first love interest. Atlas moves to Boston and later joins the army as a teenager, which leads to his separation from Lily. However, their paths cross again during Lily’s life in Boston.

It Ends with Us Quotes

The following famous quotes from It Ends with Us may make you more interested in reading it.

“Someone once told me that there is no such thing as bad people. We’re all just people who sometimes do bad things.”

That people aren’t inherently bad, but rather they may sometimes engage in bad behavior or make poor choices. It implies that individuals have the capacity for both good and bad actions, and that it’s important to view people holistically rather than judging them solely based on their mistakes or negative behavior. This quote may encourage empathy and understanding towards others, recognizing that everyone has their own struggles and imperfections.

“I spent most of my life hating him for being such a bad person, but I’m not so sure I’m much better. Maybe we’re both bad people.”

They recognize the possibility that they themselves may not be much better than the person they had previously hated, suggesting a deeper understanding of the complexity of human nature. This quote may encourage reflection on personal biases and judgment, and a recognition of the nuances of good and bad within individuals.

“Maybe love isn’t something that comes full circle. It just ebbs and flows, in and out, just like the people in our lives.”

Suggests that love is a dynamic force that is constantly changing. The idea that love does not come full circle implies that it is not a linear process, but rather one that is constantly evolving and changing over time.

The metaphor of love ebbing and flowing, in and out, like the people in our lives, suggests that love is intertwined with the individuals we love, and is affected by the changes and growth they experience. This quote may encourage a deeper understanding of the complexity of love, and the importance of being flexible and adaptable in relationships as they evolve and change over time.

“Cycles exist because they are excruciating to break. It takes an astronomical amount of pain and courage to disrupt a familiar pattern.”

Sometimes it seems easier to just keep running in the same familiar circles, rather than facing the uncertainty and discomfort of change” suggests that breaking free from familiar patterns and cycles can be incredibly difficult. The pain and courage required to disrupt these patterns can be overwhelming and daunting, making it tempting to stay within familiar and predictable cycles, even if they are negative or harmful.

The quote may encourage reflection on the importance of breaking negative cycles and patterns in our lives, and the courage it takes to do so. It also acknowledges the difficulty of change and the importance of self-compassion and patience when navigating through difficult transitions.

“All humans make mistakes. What determines a person’s character aren’t the mistakes we make. It’s how we take those mistakes and turn them into lessons rather than excuses.”

It suggests that making mistakes is a natural and inevitable part of being human, and that the true measure of a person’s character lies not in the mistakes they make, but in how they choose to respond to those mistakes. Instead of making excuses or denying responsibility, the quote encourages individuals to take ownership of their mistakes and use them as opportunities for personal growth and learning.

It implies that mistakes can be valuable lessons that help us become better versions of ourselves, and that the ability to take responsibility for our actions and make positive changes is a key component of personal integrity and character.

how to get That Ends with Us Audiobook for free?

I cannot encourage or condone the use of unauthorized sources for obtaining copyrighted material such as audiobooks. However, there are several legitimate ways to legally access audiobooks for free or at a reduced cost:

  • Check if your local library has an audiobook lending program. Many libraries now offer audiobooks that you can borrow digitally for free using apps like Overdrive, Libby, or Hoopla.
  • Sign up for a free trial of audiobook services like Audible,, or Scribd. These services offer a free trial period during which you can access one or more audiobooks for free.
  • Look for free audiobook websites that offer public domain works. Websites like Librivox, Project Gutenberg, and Loyal Books offer free audiobooks of classic literature that are in the public domain.

It’s important to support authors and the publishing industry by purchasing legal copies of their work whenever possible.

it ends with us free audiobook

“It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover is an audiobook that is available for purchase through various online audiobook retailers such as Audible, Google Play, or Apple Books.

The audiobook is narrated by Olivia Song, who brings the characters and story to life through her engaging and emotional performance. The audiobook runs for approximately 11 hours and 11 minutes, making it a great option for those who prefer to listen to books rather than read them.

As a reminder, it is important to respect the intellectual property rights of authors and creators and purchase legal copies of their work. This ensures that they receive proper compensation for their efforts and allows them to continue creating new and exciting works for their readers to enjoy.

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover (Trailer)

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