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Who is your favorite Kpop singer? Is it a boy group like the legendary Super Junior? The young and charming BtoB? Or the newcomer, Astro? Or you already feel full of Korean girl and boy group and want to look for a new atmosphere in Kpop? Maybe you need to listen to Day6, Korean one and only rock band under JYP Entertainment which debuted on September 7th, 2015. Their genres are pop rock and alternative rock. A new vibe in Kpop which brings a fresh air in Korean music world.

The group was originally a six-piece band, but now the band consists of 5 members, they are Sungjin, Jae, Young K, Wonpil, and Do Woon. The solo singer Junhyeok was also a member of this group, but then he decided to disband in 2016 due to several personal issues. He said in his interview with his current agency that he left Day6 because his controversy in the past has done harm to his group.

During their pre debut, Day6 was known as 5LIVE and has 5 members, then Do Woon decided to join the group, and because it is often biased with Maroon5, the name is changed into Day6. Their fans are called My Day, mens that Day6 and their fans are very precious to fill each other’s day. Until now, they have released two discographies, entitled Sunrise (2017) and Moonrise (2017). They do not only write songs in Korean, but also in English and Japanese as well.

Well, if you think you have the potential to be My Day or Day6’s fan, you need to check this Day6 members profile out. This article will provide you super brief informations about Day6 members, whose talents have been praised for their excellent qualities. Want to get to know about the Day6 members profile? Get ready and scroll down!

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DAY6 Members
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Names Real Names Ages Birthdays Heights
Sungjin  Park Sung Jin 25 January 16, 1993 177 cm
Jae Park Jae Hyung 26 September 15, 1992 182 cm
Young K Kang Young Hyun 25 December 19, 1993 180 cm
Wonpil Kim Won Pil 24 April 28, 1994 176 cm
Dowoon Yoon Do Woon 23 August 25, 1995 177 cm
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  • Day6 Official Accounts:
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @day6official
  • Instagram: @day6kilogram
  • V LIVE: DAY6

5. Sungjin

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  • Birth Name: Park Sung Jin
  • Stage Name: Sungjin
  • Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist
  • Birthday: January 16th, 1993
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Instagram: –

Sungjin was born in Busan, South Korea, but then his family moved to Seoul and raised him and his older sister there. Sungjin was among the member of 5LIVE, before the name was finally changed into Day6 because the fans compared him to Maroon5. Before debuting with 5LIVE, he was a winner of JYP Vocal Audiion in 2010 along with Wonpil. He is so handsome, and Jae said that he looks like Lee Min Ho. Do you think they really look alike?

He really likes games and sports. Jae often addresses him as “Bob”, because he looks like Bob the builder. As the leader of the band, Sungjin often writes their songs. Sometimes he feels proud of himself for making good music although he does not feel well. He has a very good voice. He ever appeared in an episode “Hidden Singer” and competed JYP himself, but he was eliminated in the third round because he did not have the enough vote.

Young K often calls him “mosquito head hunter” because Sungjin really hates mosquito and always kills mosquitoes whenever he finds them. Wonpil often asks him weird questions, but he rarely answer to his questions, make Wonpil feel sad. His idel type is someone whose personalities are like his mom’s. he also said that he prefers to date a tall and sexy girl with short hair.

4. Jae

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  • Birth Name: Park Jae Hyung
  • Stage Name: Jae
  • Position: Lead Guitarist, Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Visual
  • Birthday: September 15th, 1992
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Instagram: @jaeparklb

Jae was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to a Korean family. Then, they moved to California when he was 5. Before debuting with Day6 under JYP Entertainment, he often uploaded song covers to his Youtube channel, named yellowpostitman. He got the 6th place on Kpop Star Season 1, and after that he signed a contract with JYP Entertainment. He sometimes reveals his trivia in his Youtube channel, such as the fact that he is allergic to pollen. He is called “Chicken Little” and “Harry Potter” because he is wearing glasses.

When he was a highschooler in Cerritos High School in California, he formed a debate club. After graduated from high school, he later studied at California State University, majoring in Political Science. It is also revealed that Jae used to be an intelligence student who looked hot while putting on his glasses. He is very fluent in English, and he admits that he is not that fluent in Korean. But he said that he sees dream in both English and Korean. And he tends to think in Korean when he gets angry.

Jae is the founder of jaehyungparkian, his ship name with Young K. In his spare time, he likes to edit the members’ nicknames on Wikipedia. Not only pursuing career as a musician, Jae was also an MC in After School Club, but then he graduated as an MC on July 6th, 2018, because he had upcoming promotion schedule. He is also a good dancer and believes that he had introduced Bernie dance to South Korea. Jae is so active in his twitter, @Jae_Day6, and tweets everyday. He is also called “Hash tag King” because he likes to use long hash tags a lot. Jae stated that his ideal type is a cute and short girl with short hair. Do you feel like changing your hair style now?

3. Young K

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  • Birth Name: Kang Young Hyun
  • Stage Name: Young K
  • Position: Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Bassist
  • Birthday: December 19th, 1993
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: –
  • Instagram: @youngk93

Young K was born in Ilsan, South Korea, then he moved to Toronto, Canada, to pursue his study and lived there for about 4 years. He then studied Business Management in Dongguk University and graduated in 2017. When he was younger, he had a dream to be a basketball player. But then he began his musical career in 2010 as a member of musical trio in Canada under the name Brian Kang. They performed at various locations in Toronto and uploaded videos on YouTube. Young K has already written his own song when he was with this band. He is a musician, singer, songwriter, and rapper. He can also play musical instruments like bass guitar.

He was scouted by JYPE talent agent when he was in Toronto. Along with his bandmate, Don Lee, he was accepted by JPY Entertainment. But his friend, Don Lee, quited the training to pursue his study in medical. Before debuted with Day6, he appeared in Dream High 1 and Dream High 2 as a backup dancer. Young K is a good dancer, he ever won a group dance competition that was held in Canada, and he almost debuted in a dance group along with Wonpil. He wants to be called Young K, but people tend to call him Brian instead.

His hobbies are playing basketball, watching webtoons and movies, travelling alone, and going to the restaurant. In 2016, it is said that he spent Christmas alone, drinking grape juice while watching cartoons. As a trainee in JYP, he was Stray Kids’ Bang Chan roommates. He is very talented in music and almost all songs in Day6 was written by him. He has been credited with many songwriting in Day6’s album. He is also a talented rapper. Young K said he does not have an ideal type, but he would like to date a sexy and tall girl with long hair.

2. Wonpil

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  • Birth Name: Kim Won Pil
  • Stage Name: Wonpil
  • Position: Lead Vocalist, Keyboardist, Synthesizer, Visual
  • Birthday: April 28th, 1994
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 176 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Instagram: @kkkkwp

Wonpil was born in Incheon, South Korea, and was raised along with his older sister. He was one of the founding members of 5LIVE, before the group’s name was changed into Day6. He contributed in writing Day6’s songs. The other Day6 members said that he has 4D personalities. His hobby is collecting action figures. He also often asks weird questions to Sungjin, like “Are you a bear?”, and he gets sad when Sungjin does not answer his questions.

Before moving to the new dorm, Sungjin and Wonpil were in the same room. And whenever Wonpil asks weird questions like that, he does not know how to reply. Along with Young K, he also contributed in writing Day6 songs.

Along with Young K, he is a secondary vocalist for the group. After Junhyeok left Day6 because of personal reason, he also takes part as the keyboardist of the group. When he was in the middle school, he is often called “pencil”. Before debuted with Day6, he almost debuted with a dance group along with Young K.

Wonpil is so close to Young K. He said he gets sad because he sees Young K has to go to school yet he is also doing his responsibilities of being an idol. Not only close to Young K, Wonpil is also clingy to Do Woon because he always wants a young brother and Do Woon is the maknae of the group. Wonpil said that his ideal type is a girl who know what she wants and goes for it.

  1. Do Woon

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  • Birth Name: Yoon Do Woon
  • Stage Name: Do Woon
  • Position: Drummer, Maknae
  • Birthday: August 25th, 1995
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Instagram: @dowoon95

Do Woon was born in Busan, South Korea, and was raised with his older sister. After he joined the group, the group’s name was changed from 5LIVE into Day6. He learned how to play drums when he was 16 and is now getting a vocal lesson. Among all Day6 members, Do Woon has the shortest training. He studied at Busan Arts College. It is said that Do Woon is learning English with Jae’s help.

As the maknae of the group, the other Day6 members find him as the cutest member. His ears often turn red whenever he gets shy. He also gets mad when Wonpil wants to share the same bed with him. He said his idea type is someone with a pretty smile. He also wants to date a tall and sexy girl, with long hair.

That was the article about Day6 members profile. Formerly there were 6 members in Day6, including the former member, Junhyeok. But he decided to disband for personal reasons. It is revealed that JYP terminated their contract because he dated a girl even though there is dating ban in the contract. He joined Be Blossom, under V Entertainment, not long after leaving Day6. But then, he is pursuing a career as a solo singer after releasing an album consisting two songs, entitled Stay and Sorry, which is released on February 22nd, 2018.

Since debuted with their first mini album, “The Day on”, Day6 has been widely know and has already held several concerts in Thailand and Japan too. They were nominated for several music awards but unfortunately has not won any. Since the members are very multitalented and they got a sense of music, it is clear that this band will gain success in the future.

In 2018, Day6 spreads their wings in Japan under Warner Music Japan. The pop rock alternative rock genres they brought seems have caught Japanese fans’ heart. After their first concert abroad in Thailand in 2016, they finally held a concert in Japan for the very first time entitled Day6 1st Live in Japan ‘The Best Day’ in 2018 after previously released their Japanese single. And since this year, Day6 has already began their World Tour.

So, after reading this Day6 members profile, who is your favorite member? Is it the talented Young K or the cutest maknae boy Do Woon? Do share your answer with us in the comment.

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