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Momoland is a South Korean girl band which is formed through the reality “Finding Momoland” in 2016, under MLD Entertainment. The group consisted of 7 members, they are Hyebin, Yeonwoo, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Ahin, and Nancy. They debuted on November 10th, 2016. And then in 2018, they added two members, Daisy and Kim Tae Ha. Just like Astro, the members of this group were mostly born in late 1990s.

Although Momoland can be considered as a newcomer in the entertainment world, the group has won several awards like New Star Singer in 2017, Rising Star Award in 2017, Bonsang Award in 2018, and many others. This newcomer does not only have promising career in South Korea. Since 2018, Momoland spreads their wings to Japan by releasing “Bboom Bboom” single as a debut. In an interview the members said that they want to be as famous as SNSD.

This article will reveal the brief information about Momoland members profile. Do you feel like going to be Momoland’s fan? Don’t miss every single information in this Momoland members profile article. You gotta check this out.

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Names Real Names Ages Birthdays Heights
Hyebin Lee Hyebin 22 January 12, 1996 165 cm
Yeonwoo Lee Da Bin 22 August 01, 1996 169 cm
Jane Sung Ji Yeon 21 December 20, 1997 166 cm
Taeha Kim Minji 20 June 3, 1998 163 cm
Nayun Kim Na Yun 20 July 31, 1998 167 cm
Daisy Yoo Jung Ahn 19 January 22, 1999 163 cm
JooE Lee Joo Won 19 August 18, 1999 164 cm
Ahin Lee Ah In 19 September 27, 1999 160 cm
Nancy Nancy Jewel Mcdonie 18 April 13, 2000 162 cm
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Momoland Official Accounts:


9. Hyebin

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  • Birth Name: Lee Hye Bin
  • Stage Name: Hyebin
  • Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper
  • Birthday: January 12th, 1996
  • Blood Type: B

Lee Hye Bin was born in Andong, South Korea. Before joining Momoland, she used to be a model. She has a cat face, which she considers as her charming part. Before joining Momoland under MLD Entertainment, she was a B2M ex trainee. She has special talent, which is voice impersonations of game characters and zombies. She appeared in Kim Youngchul’s MV along with Yeonwoo and Taeha.

Before being named Hyebin, her pre stage name was Cherry. Among the other momoland members, she is the one who eat and speak the fastest. Hyebin is also good at cooking. But that does not mean she likes all food, because she hates spicy foods and beondegi. Hyebin has several nicknames, like Hyebni and Hyeb Jjang. Used to be a model, Hyejin has a small waist, only 22 inches.

8. Yeonwoo

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  • Birth Name: Lee Da Bin
  • Stage Name: Yeonwoo
  • Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual
  • Birthday: August 1st, 1996
  • Blood Type: B

“Live like it’s the last day- Yeonwoo”

Yeonwoo was born in Seoul, South Korea, but then moved to Chungju, that is why she speaks a little bit slow compared to the other momoland members. She has an older sister. Now she is pursuing her study at School of Performing Art in Seoul. She has a very unsual hobby, which is staring at the groud.

Not only good in singing and dancing, she is also good in acting and drawing. It is revealed that she loves watching movies and animes, fishing, and she likes to draw the other momoland members in her spare time. She is a big fan of One Piece. Yeonwoo likes spicy foods, takoyaki, and chicken.

Before joining Momoland under MLD Entertainment, Yeonwoo used to be a MBK and Pledis trainee. As mentioned before, she is also good in acting. Yeonwoo ever starred in several MVs and ever been an MC for Onstyles’s “Beautiful Life” and “The Show”. Yeonwoo also did a cover song with Yeo One from Pentagon. She said her ideal type would be someone who seems do not like her but actually likes her.

7. Jane

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  • Birth Name: Sung Ji Yeon
  • Stage Name: Jane
  • Position: Main Vocalist, Main Dancer, Sub Rapper
  • Birthday: Decemebr 20th, 1997
  • Blood Type: O

“Do as you day- Jane”

Jane was born in Changwon, South Korea. She is now studying in HanLim Art School. She has several nicknames, like Sung Jan, Ratatouille, Usami, and Siraegi. Before joining Momoland, Jane had auditioned for FNC and Source Music but she could not make it. She is also a former trainee under SS Entertainment.

She has several hobbies, like reading webtoons, riding bicycle, writing diary, and snapping pictures. Daisy said that Jane along with Ahin, are the messiest members among all Momoland members. Jane does not really like tomato, sesame oil, and chocolate. But she really likes sushi and perilla leaves.

Before getting famous with MLD Entertainment, it is revealed that Jane used to be a fansite admin for L and Sunggyu from Infinite, under pen name “Baby’s Breath”. Jane is good friends with Dami from Dreamcatcher, Binnie from Oh My Girl, Roa and Yuha from Pristin, and many others.

6. Taeha

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  • Birth Name: Kim Minji
  • Stage Name: Taeha
  • Position: Vocalist
  • Birthday: June 3rd, 1998
  • Blood Type: B

Taeha was born in Jeonju, South Korea. Her parents named her Kim Minji, but then she legally changed it into Taeha. Before joining Momoland, she was a former Starship trainee and almost debuted with Cosmic Girls. It is said that Taeha is close to all Cosmic Girls’ members. She has trained for 5 years and 4 months before finally added into Momoland. It is also revealed that Taeha is a former Produce 101 contestant but she could not make it. She is good in singing trot. Taeha also participated in a contest like Superstar K in 2009.

Taeha is very good in sexy dancing. It is said that Taeha is the cousin of JYJ’s Junsu, who is a famous singer and is a childhood friend of Eunhyuk from Super Junior. Taeha can slap very hard, and cries easily. She has a very unusual hobby, which is trying an assortment of different foods.

5. Nayun

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  • Birth Name: Kim Na Yun
  • Stage Name: Nayun
  • Position: Vocalist, Rapper
  • Birthday: July 31st, 1998
  • Blood Type: AB

Nayun was born in Seoul, South Korea and is now pursuing her study in Seoul School of Performing Arts. Her English name is Michelle. She is a good listener, and likes conseling people, talking to the phone for about two or three hours. Her specialities are drawing, acting, and painting. She said, she likes all food and not too picky when it comes to foods. Being most caring, she is often considered as the mother of the group. Nayun said that her ideal type is someone who has a nice smile.

Lately, Nayun has been diagnosed with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, or BPPV, a mechanical problem in the inner ear that triggers vertigo. Then on July 1st, 2018, she went on a temporary hiatus and is now focusing on her health. Well, let us just pray for her health, so she can make a comeback with Momoland later.

4. Daisy

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  • Birth Name: Yoo Jung Ahn
  • Stage Name: Daisy
  • Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist
  • Birthday: January 22nd, 1999
  • Blood Type: O

Daisy was born to Korean parents, but was raised in Canada for 11 years, made her very fluent in English. She pursued study in Jamil High school and graduated on Feb 9th, 2018. As the main dancer for Momoland, she is very talented in dancing and took ballet course when she was younger. Daisy was a contestand in Finding Momoland, but was eliminated. Then they brought her back to the show, made her the last member to join the group. Before joining Momoland, Daisy actually supposed to be joining Sixteen, a show under JYPE management which then formed Twice, but she left JYP before the show began. She has very small hands and feet, to a point that her shoe size is ony 255 mm.

She is very close to several famous idols, like Momo, Tzuyu, and Chayeong from Twice. Daisy said that she really likes pastry and bread. Her favorite holiday is Christmas. In her spare time, she usually does shopping and watching movies. His role model is HyunA.

3. JooE

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  • Birth Name: Lee Joo Won
  • Stage Name: JooE
  • Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Center
  • Birthday: August 18th, 1999
  • Blood Type: O

“When you start doing something and you are worried nothing will be good- JooE”

JooE was born in Buccheon, South Korea and has an older brother, named Lee Min Jae. She was going to HanLim Art School and graduated on February 29th, 2018. She learned Judo for few years since she was a six grader. In her spare time, she likes to listen to the music and do internet surfing. She is a very straight-forward and honest person. She also has a warm heart and owns a puppy. JooE said that her charming point is her own Bright Energy.

She has starred in Tropicana CM and is currently a face for the Tropicana company. JooE admitted that she had a nose surgery when she was in her freshman year in the high school. She said that her role model is Big Bang and she wants to be a superstar. She is so good in mimicking and imitating sounds, like the sound of wipig a window. She is very interested in fashion and has a good fashion sense. Her idea type is someone who is fun, understanding, and also charming.

2. Ahin

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  • Birth Name: Lee Ah In
  • Stage Name: Ahin
  • Position: Main Vocalist
  • Birthday: September 27th, 1999
  • Blood Type: A

“Stars can not chine wihout darknes- Ahin”

Ahin was born in Wonju, South Korea, to a Christian family. Yet, she was raised along with her older sister, Sophie, in China, made her capable in speaking several languages, like Chinese, English, Spanish, and Korean. Being raised in China, Ahin has several nicknaes, like Wo Ai Ni, Cindy, Samy. She used to be called Cindy when she lived abroad. Among all members, Ahin has the biggest appetite. She likes football and likes to listen to the music and cook in her spare time.

She said her charming point is her voice while she is singing. Her role model is Ariana Grande. She likes animal, movies, basketball, running, and foods. It is said that Ahin can run 100 m in 14 seconds. She does not really like carrot and celery. It is also revealed that Ahin has trypophobia. Ahin said that her ideal type is someone who is manly, caring, and works hard.

1. Nancy

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  • Birth Name: Nancy Jewel Mcdonnie
  • Stage Name: Nancy
  • Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual, Center, Maknae
  • Birthday: April 13th, 2000
  • Blood Type: O

Nancy was born in Daegu, South Korea, to a Korean mother and an American father. She has several nicknames, ike Aenaen, Jonaensi, and also Spinach, name that was addressed to her when she was younger. She can speak fluently in both English and Korean. As a half American, she speaks English fluently, but she said she is more fluent in Korean than in English. Nancy has an older sister, who is now pursuing a career as a cellist.

Before joining Momoland, she has worked for 6 years as a child model, and was a trainee in Nega Network. She has appeared in several MV. Although she is the maknae of the group, she is also the member with the longest training experience, since she has trained for 6 years. Nancy’s role model is Krystal from f(x). She is friends with many idols, including Hyunjin from Loona.

As the lead dancer, Nancy is very talented in dancing. She had a hip hop dance group called Cutie Pie and they auditioned for Korea’s Got Talent. Not only talented in dancing and singing, she is also doing job as MC for several shows.

That was the brief information about Momoland members profile. By reading the trivia, people will know that Momoland’s members do not only have beautiful faces, but also beautiful personalities, with so many talents.

So, what do you think about Momoland after reading this Momoland members profile? Which member is your favorite? Is it the multitalented Taeha? Or the half maknae Nancy? Don’t forget to share your answer with us in the comment section.

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