Pristin Members Profile Name, Age, Birthday and Height UPDATE!

Pristin is a girl group consisting 10 members, Nayoung, Rla, Yuha, Eunwoo, Rena, Kyulkyung, Yehana, Sungyeon, Xiyeon, and Kyla. This group is under Pledis Entertainment, and previously known as Pledis Girlz. Just like Stray Kids boy group, this girl group’s members are also very young, all of them were born in ate 90s or early 2000s. They debuted on March 21, 2017, with the first mini album, “Hi! Pristin”.

The members of this group are so talented and mostly have been backup dancers or have been child actresses when they were younger. Most of the members were participants of Produce 101, with Nayoung and Kyulkyung became two of the top contestants who could make it until they became the part of the project girl band, I.O.I.

Do you feel attracted with their music and charm? Or do you have the feeling that you will become one of Pristin’s hardcore fan, which is widely known as High? Well, you need to check this Pristin members profile out. This Pristin members profile article will provide you brief information about this girl group.

Pristin Members

pristin members profile
pristin members |
Pristin Members Name Pristin Members Real Name Pristin Members Age Pristin Members Birthday Pristin Members Heights
Nayoung Im Na-young 23 December 18, 1995 171 cm
Roa Kim Min-kyung 21 July 29, 1997 172 cm
Yuha Kang Kyung-won 21 November 5, 1997 170 cm
Eunwoo Jung Eun-woo 20 July 1, 1998 166.6 cm
Rena Kang Ye-bin 20 October 19, 1998 162 cm
Kyulkyung Zhou Jieqiong 20 December 16, 1998 166 cm
Yehana Kim Ye-won 19 February 22, 1999 163 cm
Sungyeon Bae Sungyeon 19 May 25, 1999 162,5 cm
Xiyeon Park Jung-hyeon 18 November 14, 2000 163 cm
Kyla Kyla Solhee Massie 17 December 26, 2001 165 cm
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10. Nayoung

Nayoung Pristin Members
Pristin Members | Nayoung |
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  • Birth Name: Lim Na Young
  • Stage Name: Nayoung
  • Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
  • Birthday: December 18th, 1995
  • Blood Type: O

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Nayoung is a very multitalented idol. Before joining Pristin, Nayoung was a backdancer and has perfomed in several MVs. She was a member of girl group, I.O.I, which consists of 101 female trainees from different agencies in South Korea. Then, she disbanded with I.O.I and made a debut with Pristin in 2017. Besides I.O.I, she also almost debuted with After School, girl band under the same management with Pristin.

Unlike the other idol, Nayoung became a trainee under Pledis Entertainment after passing a private audition when she was in grade 3. Her specialities are making choreography and writing songs. She likes art very much and often paints in her spare time. She is considered as the father of the group. Eunwoo even said that Nayoung is just lie a father who always watches his daughter from behind secretly.

9. Roa

Roa Pristin Members
Roa | Pristin Members |
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  • Birth Name: Kim Min Kyung
  • Stage Name: Roa
  • Position: Lead Vocalist
  • Birthday: July 29th, 1997
  • Blood Type: B

Roa was formerly known as Minkyung, but her stage name was changed into Roa, which is a combination of the word ‘Ro’, means smile, and ‘A’, means beautiful. Hopefully she will be a person who always smile beautifully. She started to train in 2014, took her about four years before debuting. Before joining PRISTIN, Roa was a backup dancer for several performances and MVs. She is very talented in writing songs and cooking.

If Nayoung is considered as the leader of the group, then Roa is the sub-leader of the group. The other members call her Roro. Just like Nayoung, she was also a participant for Produce 101, but she could not make it, and got eliminated in episode 8.

8. Yuha

Yuha Pristin Members
Yuha | Pristin Members |
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  • Birth Name: Kang Kyung Won
  • Stage Name: Yuha
  • Position: Lead Vocalist
  • Birthday: November 5th, 1997
  • Blood Type: A

Formerly known as Kyungwon, Yuha was the last member who finally joined the group. She was born in Gwangju, South Korea. Her stage name, Yuha, derived from the word ‘yu’ which means happiness, and ‘ha’ which means great. She hopes she can bring happiness to the public through her music. Yuha really likes piano, she was still studying in a practical music school when she decided to entered an audition in 2014, brought her to be a trainee and debuted with Pristin later.

If Nayoung is called Nana, and Roa is called Roro, you can guess what the other members call Yuha. Yes, it is Yuyu! Yuha is famous for her tiny waist. It is said that Yuha has the tiniest waist, which is only 16.6 inches, according to Weekly Ido.She was also a participant in Produce 101 and got eliminated in episode 8.

7. Eunwoo

Eunwoo | Pristin Members
Eunwoo | Pristin Members |
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  • Birth Name: Jung Eun Woo
  • Stage Name: Eunwoo
  • Positiion: Main Vocalist
  • Birthday: July 1st, 1998
  • Blood Type: B

Eunwoo was born in Bucheon, South Korea. She became a trainee in 2013, and before debuted, which made her teared up since her father who can not express his feeling well sent her congratulations message, she has appeared in several MV as backup dancer. Not only that, she also entered numerous singing contest such as “The Voice kids”, “Superstar K4”, and the “National Singing Contest”. She even has a song entitled “Sickness” with Vernon, Seventeen.

The other members call her Nunu, but sometimes she is also called Beagle. She is a fan of Jessica Jung and Taeyeon ex Girls’ Generation. Just like the other Pristin members, she was also a participant of Produce 101, but she could not make it until debut as the program’s girl group, known as I.O.I.

6. Rena

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  • Birth Name: Kang Ye Bin
  • Stage Name: Rena
  • Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
  • Birthday: October 19th, 1998
  • Blood Type: A

Rena was born in Ilsan, South Korea, which is also the hometown of JinJin, an Astro member. She then moved to Philippines and lived there for several years back then. She has gone to several audition before got accepted by Pledis Entertainment. For instance, in 2012 she auditioned for TS Entertainment. Used to live in a tropical country, Rena is very weak in winter, to an extent that she has to wear multiple layers of clothes. That is why her middle school’s friends used to call her “snowman”.

She attended a practical music school, and can play piano. Because she has lived abroad for several years, Rena can speak English very well, she often speak English with Sungyeon. Attending Dream Vocal Academy, Rena’s specialities are writing songs, playing drums, and also guitar. She is also good in memorizing new lyrics.

5. Kyulkyung

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  • Birth Name: Zhou Jieqiong
  • Stage Name: Kyulkyung
  • Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual
  • Birthday: December 16th, 1998
  • Blood Type: O

Just like Yves from girl group Loona, Kyulkyung is a Chinese singer. Born in Shanghai, China, Kyulkyung’s real name is Zhou Jieqiong, and her Korean name is Joo Kyulk-kyung. She’s formerly known as Pinky, before her stage was changed into Kyulkyung. She came to Korea after got casted in 2010. Just like Nayoung, she was also a participant in Produce 101, and manage to be one of the top contestant, made her and Nayoung became two of the I.O.I members. Not only talented in modern music, Kyulkyung is also talented in traditional music. It is said that Kyulkyung dan play pipa, a traditional Chinese music instrument.

Now, she is pursuing study in Seoul School of Performing Arts. Since her family lives in Shanghai, she often go home to China in the holidays. After she became an idol, her mother put her poster in the boutique she is running in Shanghai.

As the main dancer, Kyulkyung is very talented, to a point that she becomes one of the dance mentors of Idol Producer. Her beautiful face made her ranked 99 in the “100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2017”. Kyulkyung even got nominated again in 2018. Not only being an idol in Korea, she is also planning her solo debut in China.

4. Yehana

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  • Birth Name: Kim Ye Won
  • Stage Name: Yehana
  • Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
  • Birthday: February 22th, 1999
  • Blood Type: A

Just like Rena, Yehana was also born in Ilsan, South Korea. She has been a trainee since 2013, and before debuting with Pristin, she was a backup dancer in several MVs. As the lead dancer, she is very good in dancing, especially freestyle. Yehana’s stage name means “Bringing all members’ thought into one”, she explained that her name is a hope from the company for the group. According to their broadcast, Yehana does not like milk.

Although Nayoung is called Nana and Yuha is called Yuyu, Yehana is not called Yeye. She is called Hana by the other members. She attended the same school, School of Practical Arts, with Xiyeon. But she was in the 3rd year while Xiyeon was still in the 2nd year. Before debuting with Pristin under Pledis Entertainment, she was a backup dancer during Seventeen’s concert in 2016.

3. Sungyeon

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  • Birth Name: Bae Sungyeon
  • Stage Name: Sungyeon
  • Position: Main Vocalist
  • Birthday: May 25th, 1999
  • Blood Type: A

Sungyeon was born in Seongdong, Seoul, and then she moved to California, United States of America. In 2009, she started being a trainee. She debuted in the age of 18. Being a main vocalist, Sungyeon is very talented in writing and composing songs. She can also play piano very well. She attended an international school for foreigners, but graduated earlier because of Pristin’s debut promotions. Not only musically talented, she can also do silly things like imitating people.

Before debuted with Pristin, she appeared in Orange Caramel’s “My Copycat” MV along with Rena and other Pristin members as a backup dancer. During training with Pledis Entertainment, she used to go back to America for school, and travel back to South Korea during Summer for training.

2. Xiyeon

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  • Birth Name: Park Jung-hyeon
  • Stage Name: Xiyeon
  • Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Visual, Center
  • Birthday: November 14th, 2000
  • Blood Type: O

Formerly known as Siyeon, Xiyeon’s stage name means ‘beautiful kindness’. She and Yehana are attending the same school, School of Practical Arts, but she was Yehana’s junior. She can play piano and violin, and her specialities are writing songs and making dance choreography. It took about nine years for Xiyeon to train under Pledis Entertainment, before finally debuted with Pristin in 2017.

Before pursuing career as an idol, she was a child actress since the age of 5. She acted in several CMs, dramas, and movies like “Korean Ghost Stories”, “Anatomy Classroom”, and “Educating Kidnappers”. She also appeared in some music videos for other labels like After School and Orange Caramel. In Pledis Entertainment, she is considered as the princess. During her spare time, shelikes to watch comedy shows and movies. She was also a participant in Produce 101.

1. Kyla

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  • Birth Name: Kyla Solhee Massie
  • Stage Name: Kyla
  • Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae
  • Birthday: December 26th, 2001
  • Blood Type: O

Kyla was born in Indiana, United States of America, to an American father and a Korean mother. She has an older brother, called Luke, and a younger sister, named Karisa. Her brother said that Kyla is a very humble person. She is so quiet at the first time, but then people will find that she is very sweet. When she was younger, she used to watch “Spogebob Squarepants” and “Dora the Explorer” with her brother and sister. Before being a Pledis idol, Kyla was a child actress and model in America since the age of 6. Unlike the other members who attended school, it is revealed that she is studying online.

As the maknae of the group, she is younger than Nayoung, the oldest member of the group, for 6 years and 8 days. She debuted in the age of 16 and was a trainee for two years under Pledis Entertainment. Before debuted, she was a backup dancer for Orange Caramel’s MV, entitled “Copycat”.

That was the brief information about Pristin members profile. They are not only gifted with good looks and natural musical skill, but also known as a group who write and compose their own music. In 2017, Pristin has won Rookie Award and was nominated for numorous awards, proving that this girl group has a bright future in music industry.

So, after reading Pristin members profile, which member do you consider as your favorite member? Do share your answer in the comment section.

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