Lord of The Flies Audiobook Free (FULL CHAPTER)

Lord of The Flies Audiobook Free – This classic novel was authored by the renowned British writer, William Golding. It was first published in 1954 by the esteemed Faber and Faber publishers. Exploring profound themes and complexities, the book falls under the genre of Allegorical literature.

One notable aspect of the Lord of The Flies is its original cover art, skillfully created by Anthony Gross. The artwork captures the novel’s essence, adding visual intrigue to the reading experience.

As a testament to its enduring popularity, the original version of the book is currently available exclusively in paperback format. This allows readers to immerse themselves in the gripping narrative and thought-provoking ideas woven throughout the pages of this beloved work of literature.

Lord of The Flies Audiobook Free

Lord of Flies Audiobook Free
Lord of the Flies Audiobook Free

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Lord of The Flies Audiobook Full Chapter Free
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  • Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 3
  • Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 4
  • Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 5
  • Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 6
  • Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 7
  • Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 8
  • Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 9
  • Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 10
  • Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 11
  • Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 12
  • Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 13
  • Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 14

Where can I listen to the Lord of the Flies audiobook?

You can find the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook at various online platforms and retailers. Here are some popular options:

  • Audible: Audible (www.audible.com) is an Amazon-owned platform that offers a wide range of audiobooks, including “Lord of the Flies.” You can purchase and download the audiobook from their website or through the Audible mobile app.
  • Amazon: Amazon (www.amazon.com) also provides the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook, which you can find in their audiobook section. You can purchase the digital version and listen to it using the Amazon Kindle app or compatible audiobook players.
  • iTunes/Apple Books: The iTunes Store or Apple Books (www.apple.com/itunes) offers the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook as well. You can search for it in the audiobook section and purchase it for download to your Apple device.
  • Libraries: Check with your local library to see if they have the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook available for borrowing. Many libraries offer digital audiobook lending services through platforms such as OverDrive or Libby.

These are just a few examples of where you can find the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook. It’s recommended to explore these platforms and compare prices and availability to choose the one that suits your preferences and needs.

How long is the Lord of the Flies audiobook?

  • The duration of the Lord of the Flies audiobook is approximately 6 hours and 35 minutes. This unabridged audiobook version is presented by Listening Library in English.

Is Lord of the Flies a must-read?

If you’re seeking a concise yet impactful classic book to immerse yourself in the world of literary classics, “Lord of the Flies” is an excellent choice to embark upon. It not only serves as an engaging read but also holds significance in comprehending references related to “Lord of the Flies” that are occasionally exchanged in conversations.

Within the pages of this influential novel, you will encounter notable characters such as Ralph and Piggy, who play pivotal roles in the unfolding narrative. Their journeys and interactions contribute to the depth and complexity of the story, making “Lord of the Flies” a compelling exploration of human nature and society.

What reading level is the Lord of the Flies?

“Lord of the Flies” is typically considered suitable for high school students and above in terms of reading level. Many high schools include it in their literature curricula, assigning it to students in their mid to late teenage years. However, individual reading abilities and preferences may vary, as some readers might find the book’s language and themes more challenging than others.

When determining its appropriateness, it’s advisable to approach “Lord of the Flies” with a mature perspective and consider the reader’s comfort level and comprehension abilities.

Can a 14-year-old read Lord of the Flies?

The suitability of “Lord of the Flies” for a 14-year-old reader can depend on their maturity, reading level, and individual sensitivities. The novel explores complex themes and depicts intense situations that may be disturbing or challenging for some young readers. It contains elements of violence and explores the darker aspects of human behavior.

It is recommended that parents, guardians, or educators assess the emotional readiness and comprehension abilities of the individual reader before deciding if “Lord of the Flies” is appropriate for them. It can be helpful to engage in discussions with the young reader about the book’s themes and content to ensure they are prepared for its subject matter.

Lord of The Flies Audiobook Full Chapter

Lord of The Flies Audiobook free Chapter 1

the story begins with a group of boys, who are survivors of a plane crash, finding themselves stranded on a deserted island. The main characters introduced in this chapter include Ralph and Piggy. Ralph, a charismatic and athletic boy, is elected as the leader of the group. Piggy, who is overweight and wears glasses, becomes Ralph’s trusted advisor.

As the boys explore the island, they discover a conch shell, which becomes a symbol of authority and order. Ralph blows into the conch, summoning the other survivors to gather for an assembly. During the assembly, Ralph emphasizes the importance of establishing rules, maintaining a signal fire, and working together to be rescued.

The chapter also introduces the enigmatic character of a boy with a birthmark on his face, who is referred to as “the littlun with the birthmark.” This boy speaks of a mysterious “beastie” lurking in the woods, which starts to create fear and unease among the boys.

Chapter 1 sets the stage for the power dynamics, conflicts, and the evolving struggle between civilization and savagery that will unfold throughout the novel.

Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 2

In Chapter 2 of the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook, titled “Fire on the Mountain,” the boys on the island continue to adapt to their new environment. They gather for another assembly, where Ralph reiterates the importance of maintaining a signal fire on the mountaintop to increase their chances of being rescued.

Jack, the leader of the choirboys, expresses his desire to hunt for food. He suggests that they use the choirboys’ hunting skills to track and kill wild pigs. This idea excites some of the boys, particularly the younger ones, who are eager to have a steady food supply.

Ralph agrees to let Jack and his choirboys become the hunters, with the condition that they don’t neglect their responsibilities to maintain the fire. Ralph, Jack, and Simon, another one of the boys, venture up the mountain to investigate the rumored “beastie.” However, they find no concrete evidence of its existence, calming their fears momentarily.

Meanwhile, the signal fire, which was supposed to be constantly tended to, accidentally goes out. A ship passes by the island, but the boys miss their chance to be rescued because they failed to keep the fire burning. This missed opportunity causes tension and highlights the importance of unity and cooperation among the boys.

Chapter 2 explores the emerging divisions within the group as they struggle to balance their immediate needs with the long-term goal of rescue. It sets the stage for conflicts to come and foreshadows the primal instincts that will eventually drive the boys to descend into savagery.

Lord of The Flies Audiobook free Chapter 3

In Chapter 3 of the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook, titled “Huts on the Beach,” the boys continue to grapple with survival and establishing order on the island.

Ralph, Jack, and Simon decide to explore the island further and assess its resources. They come across a wild pig, but Jack’s attempt to kill it fails, revealing his underlying frustration and anger. However, they do discover a lagoon that could potentially serve as a source of fresh water.

Back at the main camp, the boys face challenges in maintaining discipline and cooperation. Many of the younger boys, or “littluns,” are struggling with nightmares and fears of a supposed beast on the island. To address this, Ralph proposes the idea of building shelters, or “huts,” to create a sense of security and comfort.

As the boys begin constructing the huts, they face obstacles, including disagreements, distractions, and a lack of organization. Jack becomes increasingly obsessed with hunting and starts to neglect his responsibilities to the group. This growing divide between Ralph and Jack begins to fracture their unity and leads to tensions among the boys.

Simon characterized as an introspective and compassionate boy, wanders off into the jungle alone. He has a profound encounter with the “Lord of the Flies,” a severed pig’s head on a stick that represents the manifestation of evil and the boys’ inner savagery. This encounter leaves Simon shaken and confused.

Chapter 3 delves into the challenges of maintaining order and the struggles between civilization and the primal instincts within the boys. It foreshadows the escalating conflicts and the breakdown of societal norms that will unfold in the subsequent chapters.

Lord of The Flies Audiobook free Chapter 4

In Chapter 4 of the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook, titled “Painted Faces and Long Hair,” the fragile sense of order on the island begins to deteriorate further as the boys’ primal instincts emerge.

Ralph and some of the other boys, including Jack and Roger, undertake the task of building and maintaining the signal fire on the mountaintop. However, they struggle to balance their responsibilities, as they become engrossed in play and hunting games. The fire is neglected, and a passing ship fails to notice its distress signal.

The boys’ appearance also undergoes a significant change in this chapter. They let their hair grow long and start to paint their faces, masking their individual identities and succumbing to a more primitive and tribal mindset. This transformation marks a shift toward savagery and a departure from the civilized norms they were accustomed to.

Meanwhile, tensions between Ralph and Jack intensify. Jack resents Ralph’s leadership and authority, and he gathers a group of followers who are lured by the promise of hunting and immediate gratification. The power struggle between Ralph, representing order and reason, and Jack, representing chaos and instinctual desires, becomes more pronounced.

Simon, driven by his introspection and empathy, retreats into the secluded part of the island. He encounters the “Lord of the Flies” once again, this time in the form of a hallucination. The grotesque figure taunts and threatens him, symbolizing the dark forces within humanity.

Chapter 4 explores the unraveling of civilization and the growing influence of primal instincts on the boys’ behavior. It sets the stage for the deepening conflicts and the descent into darkness that will define the later chapters of the novel.

Lord of The Flies Audiobook free Chapter 5

In Chapter 5 of the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook, titled “Beast from Water,” the fear of a supposed beast on the island escalates, further challenging the boys’ sense of order and reason.

A meeting is called, and the boys discuss the existence of the beast. Some believe it is a tangible creature lurking in the jungle, while others consider it a figment of their imagination. Ralph emphasizes the importance of maintaining the signal fire and shelter, but the fear of the beast consumes their thoughts and hampers their focus.

Simon, driven by his curiosity and intuition, ventures deep into the forest and discovers a secluded clearing. In this tranquil spot, he encounters a dead parachutist, whose tangled parachute lines and flapping fabric are mistaken for the fearsome beast. Simon realizes the true nature of the “beast” and rushes back to inform the others.

However, chaos ensues during a nighttime assembly when the boys, caught up in their fear and frenzy, mistake Simon for the beast. In their frenzied state, they brutally attack and kill him, tragically mistaking him for the imagined threat.

The chapter highlights the destructive power of fear and the loss of reason in the face of darkness. It exposes the fragility of the boys’ civilized veneer and their descent into savagery. The tragic event involving Simon foreshadows the dire consequences that result from unchecked fear and the erosion of moral values.

Lord of The Flies Audiobook free Chapter 6

In Chapter 6 of the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook, titled “Beast from Air,” the boys on the island grapple with the aftermath of Simon’s death and continue to be haunted by their growing fears and inner turmoil.

The chapter begins with a storm raging on the island, further adding to the boys’ unease. Ralph and Piggy, still shaken by the tragic event, discuss the circumstances surrounding Simon’s death and acknowledge the darkness within themselves and the group as a whole.

Amidst the chaos, a dead parachutist, carried by the wind and tangled in the trees, lands on the island. The boys mistake it for the beast and believe it has come to take revenge on them. The terrifying sight fuels their fear and paranoia, pushing them further toward a state of savagery.

Jack seizes the opportunity to capitalize on the boys’ fear and challenges Ralph’s leadership. He forms his own tribe, enticing the boys with the promise of protection and the freedom to indulge in their primal desires. Many of the boys, swayed by their fear and desire for immediate gratification, defect to Jack’s tribe, leaving Ralph with a dwindling group of loyal followers.

In a desperate attempt to maintain order and reunite the boys, Ralph and Piggy decide to confront Jack’s tribe. They journey to Castle Rock, Jack’s new stronghold, to reason with him. However, their efforts prove futile as Jack’s tribe descends into a frenzy, unleashing their aggression upon Ralph and Piggy.

Chapter 6 showcases the intensifying struggle between the forces of civilization and savagery. The boys’ fear and their longing for power and dominance push them further away from reason and empathy. It sets the stage for the escalating conflicts and the ultimate confrontation between Ralph and Jack in the chapters to come.

Lord of The Flies Audiobook free Chapter 7

In Chapter 7 of the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook, titled “Shadows and Tall Trees,” the island descends deeper into chaos and violence as the boys confront their darkest impulses.

The chapter opens with Ralph, now isolated and hunted by Jack’s tribe, reflecting on the loss of order and the disintegration of their civilized society. He finds solace and support from Piggy, who remains steadfast in his loyalty to Ralph and their shared commitment to reason and logic.

The boys, driven by their fear and hunger, embark on a hunt for Ralph. Jack and his tribe, consumed by their savage instincts, resort to tactics of intimidation and brutality. They paint their faces and engage in a vicious ritual dance, further abandoning their humanity.

Amidst the turmoil, Simon’s lifeless body, carried away by the ocean, washes up on the shore. The waves of the sea seem to mock the boys’ descent into savagery, emphasizing the tragic consequences of their actions.

As tensions escalate, the boys’ focus shifts from their initial goal of rescue to indulging in immediate gratification and the thrill of hunting. The inherent evil within them grows more evident, and their actions become increasingly merciless and destructive.

Chapter 7 highlights the stark contrast between the remnants of civilization represented by Ralph and Piggy and the growing forces of savagery embodied by Jack and his tribe. It serves as a chilling reminder of the darkness that lurks within humanity and the tragic consequences of surrendering to our basest instincts.

Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 8

In Chapter 8 of the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook, titled “Gift for the Darkness,” the island’s descent into savagery reaches a critical point as the boys confront their deepest fears and grapple with the consequences of their actions.

The chapter begins with the boys, both from Ralph’s group and Jack’s tribe, struggling with their dwindling resources and deteriorating conditions. They become increasingly desperate for food and resort to hunting wild pigs with newfound savagery, losing touch with the principles of civilization.

Simon, who had been killed in the previous chapter, appears in a hallucination to the disoriented and guilt-ridden Ralph. Simon’s spectral presence serves as a haunting reminder of the boys’ collective responsibility for the darkness that has consumed them.

Meanwhile, Jack and his tribe grow more tyrannical and brutal. They begin conducting sacrificial rituals, inflicting violence upon a helpless boy they mistake for the beast. Their actions reflect a complete abandonment of reason and an embrace of pure savagery.

Amidst the chaos, a fierce battle erupts between Jack’s tribe and Ralph’s remaining followers. Piggy, symbolizing rationality and intellectualism, is tragically killed when Roger, now fully embracing his sadistic tendencies, rolls a boulder onto him. This devastating act signifies the triumph of chaos over reason.

Chapter 8 serves as a turning point in the narrative, as the savagery and violence on the island reach a crescendo. The boys’ descent into darkness becomes undeniable, and the line between civilization and primal instincts blurs. It sets the stage for the final confrontations and the exploration of the profound themes of power, morality, and the inherent nature of humanity in the remaining chapters.

Lord of The Flies Audiobook free Chapter 9

In Chapter 9 of the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook, titled “A View to a Death,” the island descends into a state of utter chaos and violence.

The chapter begins with Ralph, who is now the sole remaining member of his original group, desperately trying to evade capture by Jack and his savage tribe. He finds temporary refuge in a hiding place deep in the jungle, reflecting on the atrocities committed and the loss of innocence among the boys.

Jack, consumed by his thirst for power and control, unleashes his tribe on a relentless pursuit of Ralph. They set the island on fire to flush him out, leaving destruction and devastation in their wake.

Amidst the chaos, the naval officer, attracted by the smoke, arrives on the island. Initially perceived as a potential rescuer, the officer’s presence serves as a jarring reminder of the external world and the civilized society from which the boys have devolved.

Ralph, overwhelmed and relieved by the arrival of the officer, breaks down in tears, finally released from the intense pressure and fear that had consumed him. The officer, unaware of the true nature of the boys’ descent into savagery, sees only the external chaos and offers comfort and assurance.

The chapter serves as a culmination of the boys’ journey from innocence to savagery, showcasing the destructive power of unchecked human impulses and the consequences of abandoning societal norms. It brings the narrative to a crucial point of reflection and raises profound questions about the inherent darkness within humanity.

Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 10

Here’s a list version summarizing the events in the described portion of the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook:

  • Ralph and Piggy meet on the beach the next morning, feeling ashamed of their behavior the previous night.
  • Piggy tries to attribute Simon’s death to an accident, while Ralph insists they were participants in a murder.
  • Most of the boys, except Sam, Eric, and a few littluns, have joined Jack’s tribe at Castle Rock.
  • Jack rules with absolute power at Castle Rock, punishing boys without reason and warning them about Ralph’s group.
  • The tribe believes that Simon was the beast and that it can take on any disguise.
  • Jack plans to raid Ralph’s camp for fire and continues hunting.
  • At Ralph’s camp, the boys drift off to sleep, losing interest in the signal fire.
  • They are awakened by howling and attacked by Jack’s hunters, who steal Piggy’s glasses and the power to make fire.

Please note that this is a condensed summary, and for a more comprehensive understanding, it is recommended to refer to the actual text or reliable study guides for a detailed analysis of the events in Chapter 9 of the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook.

Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 11

What happened in Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 11?

  • Ralph, Piggy, Sam, and Eric seek shelter at Castle Rock.
  • They aim to reason with Jack’s tribe and retrieve the stolen conch and Piggy’s glasses.
  • The attempt at diplomacy turns violent as the tribe refuses to listen and launches an attack.
  • Jack’s tribe throws spears at Ralph and his group, intending to kill them.
  • Roger, a member of the tribe, rolls a boulder down the mountainside, tragically killing Piggy.
  • Piggy’s death symbolizes the complete breakdown of reason and the triumph of savagery.
  • Ralph is left devastated and alone, with only Sam and Eric remaining loyal to him.
  • Realizing the dire situation, Ralph flees from immediate danger.

Please note that this is a condensed summary, and for a more comprehensive understanding, it is recommended to refer to the actual text or reliable study guides for a detailed analysis of Chapter 11 in the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook.

Lord of The Flies Audiobook free Chapter 12

What happened in Lord of The Flies Audiobook Chapter 12?

Although the original book “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding does not have a Chapter 12, if we were to imagine a fictional Chapter 12, it could potentially depict the following events:

  • Ralph, determined to survive, gathers his strength and regains composure after the loss of Piggy.
  • He reflects on the tragedy and the descent into savagery on the island, grappling with his own inner conflicts.
  • Alone and with limited resources, Ralph strategizes his next move, seeking a way to signal for rescue or find safety.
  • The remaining boys, including Sam and Eric, face internal struggles as they come to terms with the consequences of their actions.
  • Ralph encounters unexpected allies or stumbles upon a hidden resource that could potentially aid his survival.
  • The tension between Ralph and Jack’s tribe escalates, leading to a final confrontation.
  • The rescue finally arrives or the boys are discovered by outside forces, bringing an end to their harrowing ordeal on the island.
  • The story concludes with Ralph reflecting on the lessons learned and the lasting impact of their experiences.

Please note that this imagined Chapter 12 is not part of the original “Lord of the Flies” narrative. It is a speculative interpretation and should not be considered a canonical part of the story. The book concludes with Chapter 11.


In the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook, Chapters 1-12 depict a gripping and thought-provoking tale of a group of boys stranded on a deserted island. Here is a summary of the key events and themes explored throughout these chapters:

  • Chapter 1: The boys find themselves on a remote island after a plane crash. They establish rules and choose Ralph as their leader.
  • Chapter 2: The boys explore the island and discover that they are truly alone. Ralph emphasizes the importance of building a signal fire.
  • Chapter 3: The boys struggle to maintain order and fulfill their responsibilities. Ralph, Jack, and Simon embark on a trek to investigate the island’s terrain.
  • Chapter 4: The group’s unity starts to crumble as tensions arise between Ralph and Jack. The boys’ fear of a mythical beast grows.
  • Chapter 5: The boys’ efforts to maintain the signal fire falter, leading to a missed opportunity for rescue. The beast becomes a source of increasing terror.
  • Chapter 6: The boys’ fear escalates as they mistake a dead parachutist for the beast. Simon discovers the truth but is unable to communicate it effectively.
  • Chapter 7: The boys hold a feast but descend into chaos and violence. Simon has a transcendent encounter with the Lord of the Flies, a pig’s head on a stick.
  • Chapter 8: Jack’s tribe becomes more savage and hunts a sow. Simon confronts the Lord of the Flies again and learns the truth about the beast.
  • Chapter 9: Ralph and Piggy find themselves isolated as most boys join Jack’s tribe. Jack asserts power and continues to perpetuate the fear of the beast.
  • Chapter 10: Simon wanders into the forest, witnesses the true identity of the beast, and attempts to share the information with the others.
  • Chapter 11: The conflict between Ralph’s group and Jack’s tribe reaches a critical point. Piggy is tragically killed, symbolizing the triumph of savagery.
  • Chapter 12: Ralph, now alone, must navigate the hostile environment. The story ends with his desperate pursuit of survival and potential rescue.

Throughout these chapters, “Lord of the Flies” explores themes of civilization versus savagery, the loss of innocence, the nature of power, and the inherent darkness within human beings. The boys’ journey on the island serves as a microcosm for the wider world, raising profound questions about human nature and society.

Please note that this summary is a condensed version, and for a more comprehensive understanding, it is recommended to refer to the actual text or reliable study guides for a detailed analysis of each chapter in the “Lord of the Flies” audiobook.

Lord of Flies Audiobook Free

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